The Bunny Baseball Team, wang song (2D)


Title: The Bunny Baseball Team
Name: wang song
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

This is an interesting piece of work. I would like to show two mid-age men who are playing baseball in the bunny suits. Baseball game and bunny suit, which are not so logically relevant, could actually make the scene of humour together! Although wearing the funny suits, these men put every piece of themselves into that game while they are playing. Thinking about ourselves in the real life: we might only be a passer-by, or might even be a clown sometimes, but one day we could also be the one if we fight for it regardlessly.
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glade to be first comment , that really was so great work

keep it up , i like the details so much
i visit your site , really you are brilliant Artist :thumbsup:

Thanks & Peace


haha i love his expression.
awesome work! :cool:


hehe funny one:)


LoL, awesome expression and rendition :smiley:


Nice rendering and funny!! hehe cheers!


haha love it! Great photoshop rendering!


Awesome illustration and funny too :slight_smile: By chance, did you consider making the catcher’s suit brown or black to represent the opposing team? In any case, really outstanding work!


Very cool, great lighting and rendering :thumbsup:


That’s great! Nice work.
A little celebration of the year of the rabbit?


nice work :cool:


Really cool! Loving the style! Only critique is that the ground looks a bit off, I think. The foot is sharp, as well as the white squares, but the grass is out of focus.


Like the guy in the background.


Such an amazing work,I really like your work very much,it is very interesting,keep on!!!


congrats! beautiful, strong work
wish u a happy new year…:).


Nice concept and high level execution.

Is the guy in front inspired by Mike Myers? Looks like him:)


I LOVE his expression! The bunny suits add a perfect amount of quirkiness to the image. Also the lighting, mood and overall rendering is simply beautiful…

Cheers :slight_smile:


I love your style, I checked out your cg potfolio and is great, thanks for sharing.


Hello Wang, I agree with Kray’s comment. I loved your ‘Hex and the City’ image, simple, yet very powerful. On your bunny ‘dudes’, too funny my friend. That’s what I love about comical images, no matter who you are, or where your at, comedy always transcendeds any other type of image… it usually requires no interpretation. Had me laughing for a couple of minutes. On style etc? I give you a ten- :wink:


Way to keep your eye on the ball. Great artwork.