The Bride, Isra Llona (2D)


Title: The Bride
Name: Isra Llona
Country: España
Software: Photoshop

The idea of the pretty girl and the monster is not a very original concept: from Aphrodite and Hephaestus, Quasimodo and Esmeralda or King Kong and Ann Darrow … I hope you enjoy, I will appreciate any feedback.


Great job , the monster is amazing !
very good job


Good job. Kind of creepy but well rendered :slight_smile:


well done… I love the lighting.


Great work!
Nice detail, colors and lighting. Keep it up!


good work on the monster and the overall mood.


cool, I love the ripped tights. I’m not keen on the bright purple gums - but I guess that’s just personal taste.


Awesome. I agree about the torn tights, along with the ripped shirt. Her torso is a little big (or appears that way) in terms of proportions. My favorite part is the head and face. You did a great job withthe lean of the head and the rendering the chin and partly open mouth. I keep going back and admiring it (very difficult to do). I also love the hair and how it dangles down and into the sewer water.

You did a great job with the bulging and mutating muscles and form of the monster and his face is really something else (great with the green eyes). His fingers and claws are well done as well, but you could’ve worked on the wrist/palms a little more (seems too small or thin). Great job with teh lighting, background and atmosphere. Keep it up though. Great job.


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