The Breath, Fernando Ferreiro Colmenares (2D)


Title: The Breath
Name: Fernando Ferreiro Colmenares
Country: España
Software: Photoshop

Unpublished ilustration made only for fun, as study of light and texture. To draw the figure was easy, but the model has a very complicated game of light and shadow, and I did work with a lot of layers of color on the skin and hair. The image have some chalenges, as the shadow of the nouse or the false eyelashes, the piercing, etc. The texture of the skin was made using a very small brushes with only 2% or 5% of opacity. As final touch, I puted the breath as a contrast between heat and cool, between the hot light on the nude skin and the cold and dark background.
I sicerily hope you´ll like it.


Wow…nicely done. Beautiful skin colour and details!


Thank you very much, Chris. Your artwork is very cool and personal. Well done! :beer:


COOL!~ I live


Incredible skill,she looks stunning.Your painting work really is top class stuff.Just love this…cal


Thank you all. Your opinions means a lot for me. :beer:


Awesome! Very sexy!

Love that facial expression!


Thank you, Ron. And be welcome to the CGS! :beer:


Nicely done, Congratulations


i’m sorry but “she” looks like a transexual to me…


That´s good or bad? Maybe, this is one of HER charms… Jokes apart, thank you for your reply. :beer:


Great artwork…i can really see her breathing…humm…sexy!:thumbsup:


Thanks, man. You are the first who talk about the real lyric of the picture.
Your portfolio is great. Love your last update! :beer:


Very interesting work, Fernando! Fantastic job on her lips. They look really cool. I think you could use more texture on her skin. It looks a bit like a plastic to me now. There could be more variety in her hair as well. It looks like you used for your painting a triple dot brush or something similar. All strands of hair are a bit too parallel to each other. And there could be more texture on her collar as well. But overall look is great. She is sexy and she looks alive. This is what is important. All highlights and shadows are perfect. Good job. Keep it up!


Thanks a lot, Al. Your opinion is very important for me and I´m agree with all your coments. The original painting has more detail in the texture skin, but it loose some quality in the step to prepare this for the web. To paint the hair is another challenge, and the blond hair is too hard. It´s true that the hair needs some more realistic texture, and I keep working to improve it. The “life” of the model was the main challenge for me and I´m happy to obtain it. Thank you very much for your constructive reply.
See you soon, my friend. :beer:


good job, the skin looks great.


Nice portfolio, Seif. Keep working!
FF :beer:


Wow!Amazing and so realistic!Congrats!:thumbsup:


Thanks a lot, Supermario. Your portfolio looks really cool! :beer:


great piece.One cant help himself to be curious about the rest of the picture :slight_smile: