The Boxer, jeff miller (3D)


Title: The Boxer
Name: jeff miller
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

I started sculpting a head in zbrush, and after a while it reminded me of a boxer, so i decided to create the rest of the body. I did most of the modeling and texturing in zbrush, and then rendered him out in max. I have some additional views that i will post soon.


Very nice char and pose, great work :slight_smile:


great work man :slight_smile:


amazing work he is real image wonderful gob man

good luck 4 ever :beer:


Definitely a winner pose!


excellent piece of work. Well done.


TyroneMaddams, ahmedmax, simyevil, vlada3d, and free3art: thanks for the comments

I also wanted to do a defeated version of the boxer. i know some areas of the blood look wonky, but i plan on fixing that up.


That’s really cool. I really like it. One area that bugs me a bit is the ear area.

Great job.:thumbsup:


Great work man! The lighting is just really sweet and totally sets that tone that you’re in the ring with the composition. The cavity on the waist band seems a bit intense and the bandages on the gloves aren’t totally doing it for me, but that spec map really sets off the skin like no other! At first I thought the veins were scars. It would be cool if he had some killer tattoos somewhere. The blood version is cool man, albeit he looks like Sylar just slit his throat… hehehehe. It’s about time you got your website back up and running somewhat! Great work man! Very, very portfolio worthy. This needs to be plugged and choiced IMO!


Great work :thumbsup:


Totally magnificent work!
Great lighting and great styling. The expressions are fantastic. I boxed most my life and this work is fantastic!


Good work!!
best regards
IsmaiL .


Looks fantastic!!! :bowdown:


Cool))) lightning is super)))


nice, really well done!!


Great work. Lighting and camera angle give him a nice grand scale.


Very very very nice. Look up ! :drool:


excellent work, everything is top quality :drool:


great job!


Nice character modelling and lighting, the skin tone is really nicely done, the only thing I am a bit concern is the blood on the body, looks a bit too red to me and doesn’t look real ( maybe just me)