"The Box" Short animated film


We have just finished a short (13 minutes) animated film called “The Box”.
For now I can show you a Trailer.

You have probably heard of the phrase “To think outside of the box”?
Well this is a film about such a box and the flat-headed creatures that live inside of it. Life in the Box is boring and miserable. Until one day a new baby boy starts to grown in the middle of the Box! This baby is very different from other flat-headed inhabitants of the Box. He’s happy, lively and curious. As the baby grows bigger and bigger, the flat-headed neighbours are becoming more and more annoyed with him.
Until one day, he grows literary over their heads


The Crew:

  • Story, director, modeler, animator etc
    : Dušan Kastelic
  • Music and Sound Design: Mateja Starič
  • Additional Modeling and Animation: Cory Collins
  • Renderfarm:       Renderstreet

Software: Blender (modelling, animation, rendering…), Adobe After Effects, Premiere
(for full credit list please look at the project website)

Any kind of feedback will will be very appreciated!



Couple of images from the film:


wow this is crazy, terrific concept and execution. love the characters. this reminds me of something which could be on American Horror Story tv series.


The reallization is very cool. Lovely lights and materials. I have to say that it give me chills, not really relaxing


Mission accomplished then :slight_smile:
This is not a funny film.

Thank you both very much for comments!

Couple of days ago “The Box” was screened on the first festival. Feedback was great. Film won “Best Animation” award.
The Jury explication:
“The extraordinary visual imagery inspires with an universal and touching story. It shows an image of a dull crowd of flat-headed people, which doesn’t allow any kind of different thinking and kills any growth of an individuality and self-empowerment. The virtuosity of the story, direction, texture, music and animation leaves us breathless and nails us to the chair. An animated film, which is without a doubt one of the major surpluses of this year’s film festival”