The Blue Project, Dan Roarty (3D)


Wow… Skin shading looks great, also your modeling skills are awesome…
By the way ¿Did you render a decimated mesh… or is a normal map in the maya viewport?


Stunning work Chief. 5* from me. Skin especially looks absolutely spot on.



Congrats! Really nice work… very realistic!

I noticed that you left her more pale in the final image. I liked it because it draws more attention to the face and eyes. I’m also curious to see the texture maps you used on the skin. Does the makeup affects the subsurface scattering?


Wow, very photoreal. Amazing job with the skin, I can see how much work you’ve put into it!


Holy Macaroni!
Lucky I wore my depends today, I just peed myself in envy

Someone give this man and his girl Front Page STAT!



Very Slick!


Amazing work man! This is the best thing I’ve seen in quite a while! :beer:


WOW! 1st off… Thanks so much for all the kind comments and interest! I have some texture samples below. I didn’t go crazy with too many textures… in fact, for the scatter color I just kept it at an orangy red color. The important thing I found was relying a lot on my sculpt and the detail for the bump map. Because my subject didn’t have a ton of color variation to her face, I did the textures by hand and tried to knock down the contrast in post later on. I feel sometimes we have a tenancy to overdue the contrast when creating realistic portraits.
MOS: I used a fairly high res mesh from mudbox, and then used a bump map to get a little extra detail across… Although I am not sure it was needed.

Delcio: I found when I went too harsh on eye-liner or blush, it did end up making her far too saturated which made the skin look UN-natural. And I needed to adjust the contrast when I brought the final images/layers into PS.

here are some texture samples ‘click for larger images’ Thanks again guys!!!


Fantastic Job!!


That is VERY good work. There are only a few minor things that give away it’s CG instead of a photo. You can certainly be proud of this result :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


The adjustments brought your work to perfection… Thanks for sharing the textures!


Stunning photorealism! When taking it for a photo i’d say that the brightness of the window appears like restrained in PW, compared to the brightest area in the FG (especially when looking at the tiny DOF, standing in reality for widely open aperture). Also the ‘grain’ on the BG is slightly suspect, but otherwise outstanding compositing with great attention to colour corrections and overall balance. Very nice also the realism on face and hair.

All in all excellent work - an outsanding 3d portrait!


As i said on cgfeedback that’s an awesome job, can i ask you how you mixed your overral and sss color? did you use an black and white map? i tried to use the overall map but never find the good way because i don’t know were to put an amount map… :frowning:


Thanks again guys! I am really pleased you all like it… and the time I put into it was worth it… It’s great to hear all the wonderful feedback and compliments… brings a smile to my face!

julienN: If you take a look at the textures, those are the slots I pluged into ‘overall color’ and ‘sub-surface’ color… that being said you need to watch the amount of scale you have on your shader (persuming your working with VRay) I needed to adjust mine quite a bit in order to achieve what I wanted and ended up using a value of .4 and a Scatter radius of 0.65…and even then I needed to color correct and adjust contrast in PS afterwards (which I feel is totally fine) Also, the amount and type of light your using will affect the tone, brightness and fall off of your sss (I only used 1 HDR light) I’ve been asked to write a tutorial for this so I will go into depth on shader setup and post adjustments I’ve made. Let me know if you have any other questions, I’ll be more then happy to answer! Love all the comments guys!


That’s really good! Very realistic :slight_smile:


Dan --> Thanks for the texture and surfacing insights - exactly what I’d hoped you’d share.


Solid work as usual, when’s it going to the front page.


Thnx all, here is an older shot of the shader with some different funky lighting… nothing special but nice to show diff angles of the head.


This is really impressive Dan! Great attention to detail like the fuzz on her sweater.

I’d love to get my hands on this scene to poke around one day :slight_smile: I could learn a ton from you.


Nice job! It feels like just yesterday I was showing you how to extrude.