The Blue Project, Dan Roarty (3D)


Title: The Blue Project
Name: Dan Roarty
Country: United States
Software: Maya, mental ray, Mudbox, Photoshop, VRay

Hello, I wanted to share a piece I’ve been working on for a while now… It’s an attempt at a realistic portrait… It’s modeled in Maya and sculpted and painted in Mudbox… rendered in Vray with a dome light. Hair and face fuzz was done in Shave and rendered separately with Mental Ray… which was a huge learning curve… I really wanted to tackle hair as major part of this image and learn from it… (converted eyelashes and eyebrows to geo… and ’ added a scar ’ on right side of brow.). and comped/layer adjustments together in PS. Thanks for looking all


She looks great…!
great hair and everything…alive


Glad to see you posted this, still amazing, I really love the execution on the eyes and the emotion. :buttrock:


Great portrait ! :thumbsup:


Very nice! Like the skin shader.


Excellent. So real


Front page stuff! So realistic!


There is an unusual line under her chin, hmm, would you mind posting some wires please.


really good model, textures a nice and the eyes are full of life.
but i dont like the soft hair rendering look, they needs to be sharper, looks way to blurry. :wink:


Looks perfect! So believable. Maybe sharper looking portrait could be even better

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Hey all thanks for all the wonderful comments! No, there is no 2d projections.
here is a shot from maya and some of the sculpt info. I might post some WIP of past renders if people would be interested?


very nice ,so like

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Thanks all!


well done great job.
just ignore the other fella i have no idea what hes trying to achieve.
would be great to fin out more details regards the hair solution.


Thanks Stephen! the hair by far took the most time (and there are still issues I was wanting to fix)
I used shave & haircut, and created hair off of a cap from the head… From there I tried to model them strand by strand for the most part … even then it wasn’t enough difference… I ended up duplicating the hair curves into nurbs curves and for the small strands moving them at will as a separate hair spawn. I ended up doing 3 separate lighting passes for the hair… one for the overall look and shadow (within hair) another completely flat, that I could use to lighten/overlay in PS… and a shadow matte pass on the rest of geo… I had issues with occlusion passes and had to just call it quits unfortunately.
heres a diff color version of the image as well… and an older version a while back before adding all the bits and background and so forth …


This is some utterly stunning work, the effort you put in really paid off. Thank you again for sharing those glimpses of the wires :slight_smile: If you are to share any of your texturing secrets and your approach I’d be delighted to absorb it all. Talk about inspiration. Outstanding work, and thanks again!



WOW! Absolutely amazing.
Posted it on my blog.


Beautiful, very nice work :beer: