The Black Temple


Hi, my name is Cameron Crichton. I am the Producer and Director of The Black Temple and long time member of cgSociety.

The Black Temple is a 3D animated film being produced in Melbourne, Australia by SubZero Media. The Black Temple will be released UNCENSORED and FREE on the p2p networks.

If you like Fantasy, Heavy Metal, Stoner/Doom Metal, Gore, Monsters, Motorbikes and Hot Chicks then this film is for you.

SubZero Media is currently in pre-production and we are looking for fans to follow and support us in Stage One of the project.

Stage One is our Pre-visualisation component. This involves creation of concept art, storyboards, animatics, some asset building and 3d layout.

Please drop by our facebook page to keep up to date with the project, or stop by this thread as artwork will be regularly added.


We are using Advanced Skeleton as our rigging solution.


Some awesome concept art from Lachlan Creagh


New clip posted to our youtube channel. Some zBrush work on the Behemoth. Check it out.


new wip up on youtube


looking good is gonna follow this


Lots of updates since I last posted…

Work began on the chopper - blueprints by Arthur Nichols


and the modelling began…

model by Sankalp Chandra


looking at the bike in perspective as opposed to orthogonal view it soon became apparent this was looking too much like a toy…


looks awesome! cant wait to see the final product


Model revision…


Meanwhile Anton Vereschagin was refining the Behemoth in zBrush…

Check out the clip on youtube


Finalised the design…

and first pass on texturing…


Even though the whole heavy metal and demon thing isn’t really my thing, I have to tell you that what you’ve done so far looks totally AWESOME.


Thanks Uncle-Ox, much appreciated.

The second pass at Chopper textures…


Anton Vereschagin did a fantastic job on realising Seven’s body mesh from some cool but sketchy (due to budget constraints) concepts.

Concepts by Lachlan Creach…

Then I baked out the Ambient Occlusion to begin the texturing work…


Final texture pass on Seven

turnaround on youtube


Chops, soul patch and eyebrows, first pass using Maya fur…


Some wacky action in the fur direction map for the head hair using a fur system…

This was a quick attempt at driving fur with a hair system. Most likely go to full hair system for more flexibility and detail.



At the beginning your concepts had reminded me of living album art, until I saw your production page… whoa, I’m left drooling–the gravy just keeps pouring. Can’t wait to check out more progress and its great completion.