The Black Phantom


The Black Phantom is a vehicle that is very hard to catch. The agility of its design combined with the foldable and transformable structures makes the Black Phantom the most versatile and desirable eletric urban automobile ever.


Hello everybody!

I Had some problems to upload the drawing in the last moment… but since the drawing is in the galery I hope it will be accepted. Apart from this, I would be very glad about any coments and suggestions!

Thank you and good luck for all!


well designed bike and a hot chick :slight_smile: good combination


cool bike…:buttrock:

Accelerate California Dream


I would ride that. I’ll let you be the judge…


After 10 min googeling the legs and boots, I finally saw the rest of the design.
Wicked concept, ‘add’ style with the different stances, awesome!!


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