THE BIG FREEZE SIGNUP LIST: Post here those who are looking for partners/teams


[font=Verdana]Post on this thread if you are interested in working with a partner/team[/font]
on the BIG FREEZE FXwar.

Who knows it might be cool to have a Lightwave competing against a Softimage team.!

Anyway, if you are interested just post so people who are looking for teammates can PM you:

What you want to do:


been watching the amazing work on the previous fxwars so though finally might have a go, my skills are no way as good, but up for learning some new skills and taking it to the next level.


Also interested in teaming up with someone for this…

Name: Matthew Clinch
Local: London, UK
Program: 3D Studio MAX 7.5 / FinalRender / Mental Ray
Will do just about anything. Recent graduate, moderate experience in most areas, especially interested in modelling, texturing and lighting setups. Not so hot on character animation, but pretty good at all other physics based animation (reactor et al).

If you fancy teaming up give me an email.


Anyone out there want to put together a Houdini team? I’m game if there is anyone else. If not I will try by myself.


i’m ready for a nice collaboration by a guy:thumbsup: .

Name: Farzad Tinati
Local: Mashhad, Iran
Program: 3D Studio Max 7,Brazil r/s,V-Ray,Final Render,Combustion,Photoshop
approx 3 years of working 3dsmax and it’s components and plugins like most rendering systems.


I am really only interested in working with one or two other people. I don’t want to do anything large scale.

I also don’t know if I should sell myself :). But here is my resume.

Software: 3D Studio Max 7, Photoshop
Years: 3D 15 years.
Strong Skills: Team Leadership and Project Management, Organic modelling, animation, and texturing.
Weak skills: character animation, video editing, sound f/x
Profile: Male, 33 years old, single (girls are welcome on my team :slight_smile: )

Current career: Team Leader and Game Engine Developer for large 3D company in Canada.

Looking for people strong in my weak skills and who are weak in my strong skills.

Anyone who joins my team or lets me join their team must exchange phone numbers. I can’t stand working with people with e-mail time delays.


Name: Dwayne D. Ellis
Local: Ontario, Canada
Program: 3ds MAX 7.5/Vray

Will be happy to do any part…modeling/animation/lighting/rendering I have my own copy of Syntheyes at home so i could try some matchmoving as well…if needed.


OK. Come on wavers! Who wants to team up on this one?

I really don’t have enough time to do a full job on my own and would love to team up.
As seen in my last entry, modelling and rendering are my strong points and animation still sucks.

Name: Deon Roux
Location: Gold Coast Australia
Software:LW 8.3 / FPrime 1.5 / RF3 / Vegas 6/ DFX+/ Mirage 1.5


1 LightWarer IN … :wink:

At last the competition is starting. I’ve been waitin the start since the first info about it came out.

So who i’am?
Because i have nothing to show on this forum (i’m very new to this forum), i might as well tell something about myself. I’m Freelance CG Specialist from Finland. My work is almost 100% TV/News productions. Been doing CG almost 11 years now, both 2D and 3D.

So why did i choose LW?
The answer is very simple, i want to kick LW skills forward big time. Usually i’m working with other 3D softwares like Max, Maya and vizRT.

About Schedule …
I’m sorry to say, but i can’t give 100% to this project … I have normal work about 8h a day, so … :frowning:

So who want’s to team up and do something ‘cool’ … I can do almost anything from screen plays to post production …

Name: Timo Anttila
Location: Helsinki/Finland
Software: LW 8.3 / Final Cut Studio Pro 5 / Shake 3.5 / Photoshop
Extras: 10 Machine Render Farm

P.S. Sorry for my rusty english …


Ok a friend and i are thinking of taking part in the next fxwars

so when does it start and what exactly is the “big freeze”

obviously “the day after tomorrow” inspired (i think)

when will details be available???



Name: Marcelo Stanger
Local: Uruguay
Program: 3ds MAX 7/brazil - Combustion - PShop

Well anithing … I like model/texture, editign, composition… well tell me what have to be done and tell you if I can


looks interesting, I’ve only done a few minor matte style paintings. nothing big. But I’ve been studying the works of church, cole, schuerer, etc.

I’d like to get into it more.



Name: James
Local: Malta
Program: Anim8or (this can import and export .3ds files), Terranim8or

Not sure if there is anybody here who uses these kind of programs…but I tried just the same!:smiley:

Not very good in modelling, but fluent in animating.



I’d love to join a Maya team…

Name: Luis Pages
Local: San Francisco CA USA
Program: Maya 6.5

I’ve been working as an effects animator for the last 3 years, very comfortable with the whole dynamics engine, fluids etc.


hi! i have to admit that im still amateur but i wouldnt want to miss this challenge because i think its a good oppertunity to learn; i would really appreciate to hook up with a team here, where i can bring in my experience with softimage 3d/xsi, aftereffects and painting snow and cities…so if youre intrested please send me a message
i´m looking forward to some real cool stuff and
thank you



Hey There

Name: Hernan
Local: PA. USA
Software: Maya 6.5 , Combustion, Photoshop

if i participate this would be my first Challenge, im looking to work with someone in Maya.
i’ve working with maya for about 1 year nothing really big yet, usually small things for webdesign and CD, but i haven been able to really focus on it completly i have knowledge in modeling and some in particles system not much in animation. so im pretty much amteur, but as roteo said this kind of challenge are good to learn. looking forward also to work in a team PM if you want to work together.

good luck to everyone !


Love to join a maya team.

Name: Ramon Rezaei
Program: Maya 6.5
Want to do: Animation / dynamics / Fluids

Still a amatuer, have lot to learn in all areas but thats the reason i would like to join. I will give 110% on all the things i do.

Contact me by mail if you are interested


Anyone call for LightWaver?
Software: Lihtwave 8.3 , Combustion, Photoshop, ZBrush, Painter

My abilities you can see on page:
I can do anyting.
I want most do Matte Painting !

I have lot of time untill I get real job.

Sorry for my English.


Looking for talented particle guys for FX wars. I am mattepainter…master compositor…can also do the editing and sound design.

If you want to bang this out and school some people let me know…

If team wants to take it farther we can open the shots to frozen people, camera movement, and story line. Have a detailed human model colecting dust?..let me put a texture on it…and freeze him. Have a building that needs to be ripped open by frost…let me paint the inside.

I can email my work privately for inspection…unfortunatley I can not post it publically until release dates. Only serious talented mercenarys looking for some kicks…need apply. Need some new stuff for reel.


Hey guys =D

Name:Cesar Zambelli
Local: Brazil, SP
Soft: 3dsmax 7

I’m a modeler =D, use max, but of course, it’s possible to export to any soft, never been on FX wars before, but if anyone interested let me know

see ya guys =D