The best video-tutorial ever made!!!!



fixed the pic… :wink:


great!!! simple, efficient, true. :slight_smile:

you should add : a normal brain required (QI =min70 =) )


and now, what about the fact that lots of times this info means absolutely nothing to someone?


While creative, I give it only half a wit. Why? Since I use LW there is no F1.

Actually, let me correct that, F1 is bound to bandsaw pro.

There is no help file.


i have done that so many times!!!

people will come online and say “how do i this in maya” Ill say (if im busy and not in the mood to help) Press F1!

lol, good one man!!




This should have a sticky all of it’s own.:smiley:
A wonderful tutorial for all those people out there that have helpfile-phobia.


:beer: :thumbsup: :applause:


mmhhhh… it says there’s a missing file…



these is the most pointed tut i have ever saw! 5 stars:beer:


what was this where did it go?


While searching for this tutorial. I found this.


People in the future will be citing this thread for its contribution to humanity. (voted 5)


red X :D…


impressive :slight_smile: i only get a red x tho :frowning:

about the rubix cube… haha thats incredible… i’m going to go buy a cube


fixed… :wink:


Heh I’m sure someone will use this as their avatar.


good one!

Nothing else to say


my F1 and F6 keys are missing :shrug:
is there a work around???
i’m stuck here


Hehe nice.