The best software to work in Visual effects



what is the best software to work with:

3d animation?
3d Compositing?
Fx effects?
Camera Tracker?
Camera Mathing?
Motion Capture?

for exemple who knows the software that Hollywood ILM Visual Effects company use to make the Visual effects to the films?


To put it simple, there is no definite app out there. Basically its all up to the one using it, how well he or she can handle the software. Some people prefer to work with software 1, while others might prefer software 2. Why this is, no special reasons mostly, but the best thing is to just download several demos from apps u might be interested in and try them out. This way u will learn a bit about each program and that will for sure give u some insight in the advantages and disadvantages of the different packages. Like i said, there is no definite app. Just try out as much as u can and decide for urselve with which one u prefer to work. Good luck!


Well said xeno.

wolfsoull: I refer you to this thread that Leigh posted about asking “What software is the best”.

I am locking this thread now to prevent any “my software is better than yours” wars.