The best sites for CG freelancers?


What are the best sites for freelacing on the internet?


I know are freelance friendly :hmm:


CGTalk is pretty good :slight_smile: …and the Maxwell Render forum.

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I’m a member of ifreelance and e-lance but I wouldn’t recommend either and will be cancelling my membership to both very soon. iFreelance is basically for people that can work for peanuts (your geographic location might put you at an advantage), E-lance seemed quite good initially but I’m now at a loss to what they spend the massive project fees on…certainly not on support. I’ve just finished my first project through E-lance and rather than helping things along, they’ve caused loads of problems with payments and almost got the project cancelled by the buyer…and to top it off I had to pay 8.75% of the project cost for the priveledge!


I tried out ifreelance, seemed promising, until I talked to some clients. They want to pay very low generally, and if you’re too high, they’ll go down to the next bidder(um…sucker) who will work for $10/hr.


I’ve overlooked the internet as a source to find work. Could it really be worth the time to be more visible in the net? How often do you land a job through forums and such? I mean once per month or once per two years?


If you are good and really looking hard, you could get 2-3 projects a month.

I’ve noticed a lot of these freelance specific sites, are posted on by smaller unknown companies, that do less than stellar work. They support the quality, and low pay by saying “hey, we’re not some big studio who can afford big salaries.” Translated to me as “you are an afterthought we only need temporarily, and lowest on our totem pole of priority’s, just do as we say and don’t ask questions.”

I recommend making contacts through friends, or past employers. Or just apply to studios you like directly inquiring about contract work. At least this way you know you won’t be treated like a unimportant sucker.


From my experience, the freelancing sites tend to be used by people that either want to build up some experience with clients or who are looking to cram as many projects as possible with no regard to quality.

The buyers that use these sites generally want the cheapest work rather than the best which is why I’m not going to bother with them anymore. It’s not difficult to churn out 3d visuals for a hundred dollars but I’d rather not get into that production line mentality and focus on quality at the best price I can do, not the price demanded by someone that doesn’t understand the work involved. Unfortunately, as long as people are willing to undercut for the sake of it, freelancers on those sites will never earn the same wage as those in full-time employment.


Thanks for your answers. In conclusion I think it’s worth a shot but if it comes to that, I’ve made a decicion long ago that I won’t be doing any desparate low-pay work. I’ll rather take a part-time job in a whole different business.


Thanx guys for sharing experience… so freelancing is generally BS?


Not at all, it depends what you class as freelancing I guess. A lot of these freelancing sites are generally for self-employed people or small businesses who are offering a service to buyers that use the site. Freelancers outside of these sites are usually contracted by companies, as needed, to fill a vacancy.

As an example, through elance I was hired to create an animation promoting a new energy drink for a Californian company. I worked directly with the company and was responsible for all work and delivery. Technically, I was working as a freelancer through a freelance site but the service was exactly the same as if they’d contacted me directly as a business.

I’m currently working with an animation company on a TV commercial. I am only producing the models (originally I was surfacing and lighting too) and was initially asked to work in house. This is most people’s perception of freelancing, being a hired hand and working with a team but not being “employed”, just contracted.

The difference between working through a freelance site and working directly is that the site will often take a cut and you’re directly in competition with hundreds of others. You’re still self-employed, run as a business and offer a service for paying clients. It’s not a different way of working just a different way of getting the work.


Check out Utopia People maybe. They are aimed at production, postproduction and 3d i think.


No, FL is not BS, though it is not for the faint of heart.

I’ve been freelancing strictly as an illustrator since 1986 (longer as a graphics generalist) with a full-time in-house illustration stint for a few years in between.
Freelancing from my home office is the only way to work for me. No company will pay me the same per hour, per year for what I do FL. You have to remember that when you freelance you are self-employed and will suffer and benefit from the situation as any other business owner. Your success depends on YOU and what you have to offer.


What about


For a resource, I can’t do without


What other ways are there for getting freelance work besides websites? Or just mostly personal contacts.


other ways? establish a name for yourself so you need no introduction… Send your killer reel to the right person… Think outside the box a bit. Target ad agencies, arch vis firms, science depts etc… the world needs artists we just need to let them know where to find us and they use us… It’s simple really


I get ALL my work from people seeing my work on the internet (my own site and sites like CG Talk) I’ve literally never sent any portfolio or reel to anyone or asked for a job ever, and I’ve been in steady work since last year, and earning more than most people working in CG companies.
And of course, once you get your foot in the door, you get returning customers and they they spread news of you to other potential customers.
Forget greedy middlemen trying to take a cut of your earnings for doing virtually nothing.


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