The Best School in USA and The Wolrd?


I have one big question, Could somebody tell me which school is the best school for gaming design, digital media or computer animation.
Please tell me which one is the best in the world and also the best in the USA
I thought FullSail was the best but i dont know.
Im attending at ITT Tech and its not what i thought thats why im planning to move to a different school.

My first choice right now is FullSail but i could change my mind very fast…

please help me because i really need it…:scream:


Hi! I think you need to be more specific about what kind of school you’re looking for. What are your goals? What do you want to work with? The description you use “gaming design, digital media and computer animation” sound broad and could really be three different fields, and different schools are best for those. “Digital media” is quite a vague term.

In any case, I believe that some studies of traditional arts could be useful for all of the fields above, if it isn’t included in the program and you haven’t done it before.

You might want to take a look at what has previously been said about about schools and education. I did a search for “education schools” and found loads of stuff.

Best of luck!


dude, probably you have missed out the sticky in this forum… go check out the whole list of schools for 3d here

Its a huge list with huge and wise comments of leigh. But i personally think that, you should really think and do your homework before you go 3d. I myself come from one of the schools listed in that list, and wht i can tell you is, 3d is all about work :shrug: So, if you want to have a life, have a office time, and go date around, i suggest you to do something else.

If you dont mind to have a “no life” for yourself (cause you are worn out giving life to ur character), welcome =D


Ooooo…sorry to hear about ITT Tech. Get out as soon as possible!


i know that i dont have a life LOLOL!!!
I know that i could make levels or create a character for a game or movie( i think)
Know im just a games and movies fan
i know this gonna be my career thats why i really want to put my money into a good school to get hired faster( i know this is not so important but for example if u have to hire a lawyer from uic and harvard which one would u prefer).


i love maya and 3ds max tho!!! if that helps also unreal editor


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