The "Best of the Best" of Modern 3D Design


I was looking at some product designs today (mobile phones & home electronics mostly), and I figured it would be really interesting to have a thread all about “The Best of Current 3D Design”.

So whatever it is that interests you - 3D designed buildings, furniture, cars, boats, bikes, personal electronics, childrens’ toys or other 3D designed objects & products - post an image of the design in this thread, and explain briefly why you think the design is “great”. :arteest:

I’ll start with this Swedish Fire Extinguisher designed by Lars Wettre and Jonas Forsman, called “Firephant”:!home

The people who designed this have taken a pretty boring, ordinary object like a “fire extinguisher” and turned it into something new, and much more interesting to look at.

Its a simple design, yet fresh at the same time, and it turns the fire extinguisher into a more beautiful object to have around your kitchen or garage.

I like the simplicity and elegance of the “Firephant”.


Is this purely for designs that made it to production stage, or does it include concept designs that never made it into the real world?


It doesn’t matter whether the design was actually “produced” in the real world, or whether it stayed a “design concept” that exists only as a virtual CAD design.

If you think it is “Good 3D Design”, then post it! :thumbsup:

Here’s one more “Red Dot” Award Winner. This time, a minimalist “Capsule Coffee Maker” by Swiss company “Delica”:



I want to post up a render of a 3D designed red glossy sphere in white environment.

“It’s a sphere”

so much minimalism, so elegant
It does what it was designed for so perfectly without needing anything else

jk :slight_smile:


You can post whatever you want, as long as its cool, and designed with 3D software.

Maybe try a glossy blue Taurus on a black&white checkerboard plane? :thumbsup:


Personally i think that that fire extinguisher was looking quite ridiculous - hope that Lars Wettre and Jonas Forsman will forgive me. I’m just imagining a poor old lady being in a burning room with such a thing… at least she can enjoy the “cool” design in her last minutes, and Wettre & Forsman need a very good lawyer.

Also that capsule coffee thing is looking more like a shoe box - ok, a dripping shoe box. What exactly is cool about that? Isn’t the shoe box more original, and therefore much cooler? And you can keep your instant coffee in there when it’s really a desire.


It would take too long to post every image, so I will just recommend website of my fellow artist


I love everything on this page:

Ikarus Design


I think the design looks effective and better than the ones I see everywhere. No awkward hose to hold, just hold the extinguisher and pull the pin. Very well thought out I think.


Here are some I like:

One wheel gyro electric motorbike:

How long before this becomes possble:


Is there anyone that can help me create something like this?


Oh yes, that motorcycle makes more sense, and it looks neat. That small upper part doesn’t seem to be very accident-proof, but styling is special.

While that fire extinguisher looks more like a Colani inhalator :smiley: It’s an idiotical design, which is quite common today when designers go for their own fulfilment instead of thinking about functionality. Hiding the functionality for the only reason to call it modern, is rather small-minded and more the silly way of the last fifty years, but not innovative. What we need are designers with empathy, and not some people who believe to have taste because hiding everything under uniform shapes.

But back to the fire extinguisher: people react most precipitate when being in panic. I’ve seen young people who only had to push a large red button to escape from a bus - and what did they do? They started to press screws and to switch everything movable, before finally pressing the red button to open the door. Now imagine a fire situation.


Very cool looking design. This is precisely the kind of thing I started this tread for…


Ok, here is an interesting one: A 3D designed Nasal Canulla called “Optiflow Junior” for newborn babies:


A funky, modern bicycle design:


A funky “Rocking Chair” with built in reading lamp:


BMW “Airflow 2” Motorcycle Helmet:


Somehow that helmet reminds me of Gatchaman.


Galaxy Soho, a futuristic building design by star architect Zaha Hadid, currently under construction in Beijing, China:


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