The best Network Render Manager


hello guys

I just need to know, do you have any idea about the best render manger system for maya?

i want to do my render job through a network so it would be very helpful to know which program is worth of it…

thank you very much



It depends mainly on the amount of computers and software you use, to be short…

if you have less than 10 rendernodes or clients … think about maya/mentalray satellite

if you have from 10 to 50/100/N rendernodes or clients … try out those websites

Were I work we use royal render

fast,cheap, efficent, support a lot of apps and features give a look to it, IMMO it’s a rock :smiley:

Muster , also great software the new features seems to be promising

there are also many others,

like rush





hehe think you have a lot to look :smiley:



I have to say that muster didn`t work well for us. It just was such a drag to use, for example the save template function always created empty files.
My favourite:


royal render is pretty cool, easy to learn and very nice interface.

smedge is the most unuseful tool ever…


We used “muster” & “qube”.

from simple to complex render farms, Qube is rocking. more sophesticated, easy to use, monitor the rendering, debug while rendering and clear status report.

Qube is the BEST.


brogh thank you for your long list :slight_smile:

I 'v heard a lot about disadvantages of Smedge.

renderPal seems to be cool , i’v heard that… no idea about Qube

so i 'll try the Qube, RenderPal, RoyalRender websites… to figure out which one’s gonna happen to me…


Hehe you’re welcome

Buexe : for us also, so whe’ve changed but the new fuaters and versions … I’m talkin about bver 6 should be really cool.

Sorath: i also didn’t find that well :smiley:

Cheers Guys


We use royal render. Couldnt get by without it.


I dont agree

Smedge is cheap,stable,support all 3D and even 2D Composting apps, easy to use and setup.

What s trouble with “un-useful”?


couldn’t agree more


A friend of mine’s studio swears by Royal Render, although it is pricier than some of the other competitors.

I found Deadline to be great, offering a lot of different useful commands via the interface.

I also tested Qube, which really just became an annoyance because of all the framework you have to install to get it running.

I know both Qube and Deadline have demo versions (again Qube will take forever to setup so I’d try Deadline first to see if it suits your needs), though I’m not sure about Royal Render in this regard.

The only disadvantage I could see to Deadline would that you’re not getting a company dedicated to the software for support.

Hope this helps,


I love the idea behind the royal render, it’s easy to learn, and use…
It has many good things thought of, specially the way you can setup plugins and shaders for mental ray so you can render on the other machines.
It also warns you about textures you need to copy to main drive and to save before start network rendering.
Also you don’t need to install it, you can run the client as long as you can see same drive everywhere…

We used smedge before, and it was really easy to install, but new version made it so complicated and if you don’t know everything there is to know (how to setup it up that is)
it’s nightmare and imposible to make it work.
Also I found that freelancers find it intimidating and didn’t really want to use it.



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