The best and most friendly modeling human tutorial


I really saw a lot of ways to model a human, but I really want to know wich one its the BEST OF THE BEST!.

CAn Anybody help US?
I know that Im not the only one here.


Theres a lot of methods out there. I have also been teaching character modeling, rigging etc for a long time. I find that the easiest methods to learn are those that follow a more traditional approach. For example, when you are learning to draw a head you typically start with the biggest details first then add the details last. As an example you would start with a base head shape like a sphere or an oval. Then you would add the centerline, eyeline, noseline, mouthline etc. Those add the basis for where the mouth, eyes, nose and so forth will be created later.
When those features are added then attention is made on the flow around those areas because that will set the stage for even finer details such as wrinkles…

This is one of the methods I teach in my character course and it starts with just one polygon. I dont build it point by point but add in the centerline, eyeline etc. Its amazing how quickly Ive seen students advance using this approach. I have some free videos on my site that shows the basics of roughing out a head using this method. They are part of the actual lectures from my course. My World Wide Tour CD also has a section on this method. I also cover in my course how to use splines to layout basic head very quickly. The nice thing about going this route is that I also provide support and feedback on my student forums. :slight_smile:


OK Spline God. Ilike too much the way that you teach, I mean your xplanation have a lot of logic. I dont have money to pay you:shrug: , but I want that you be my teacher “virtual” I´ll start a head project. So, can I get your help on that?


Drop me an email :slight_smile:


Could you send me your e-mail by a private message?

Thank you for your help. So I saw your feedback in the spinquad forum.

Thanks a Lot.:bounce:


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