The Berserker - Game Character, Sebastian Patric (3D)


Title: The Berserker - Game Character
Name: Sebastian Patric
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

This is one of my portfolio pieces coming out of college. It was sort of an exercise in keeping large amounts of detail cohesive. I wanted to apply the bad-ass style of Gears of War to something rooted in a different time period. I’ll probably put up more work in the coming week. Now, I just have to find a job and avoid starvation. A critique would be very welcome.



I like it :D. I could definetly see some redish or orange glowing tidbits inside that hole near his hand. Something like the chest piece that Iron man has in the new movie. Im not sure if you were going for stone or metal for his armor but it doesnt seem reflective enough for metal.

Your gonna hear it form someone so I will go ahead and say it, post a set of wire frames any maybe some close ups of his face as well. Water mark some texture sheets and throw those up there too.

SHOW EVERYTHING!! :slight_smile:


Thanks ;). Here’s some of that. I’m afraid this method of rendering wires isn’t all that acurate. I’ll probably get around to posting some of the textures later.


Awesome details!Nice idea of gears type at that period of time :thumbsup:


That is AWESOME. I love the level of detail you have achieved with a low polycount. I have to say the armor is fantastic. It really looks as if it carries weight. The highlights on the edges of each piece really make the details pop nicely. The only thing I would add is a little color on the armor in the form of rust or dirt, and maybe give him a little arm hair or skin color mottling. Btw I love the gauntlet.


really nice character man, nice and simple armor design as well, great job!!!


This is sick! very nice work man! Im jealous…


Fantastic character. Nice modeling and texture.


Great stuff, the armor really stands out and commands attention. You might want to look at giving the cloth a bit more life and movement though.


hey SebastianPatric, good work man. like the details. shadding has a room for improvement but nice render.




Amezing model. Great work. I like it. :cool:

Sea Creature


Wow. Thank you for the positive comments and feedback. Here’s a close-up of the shield. there are slightly larger versions of the shots above on my site as well (and not much else yet :wip: )


nice work dude! i really like the back side more than the front, it’s a lot simpler and the design is clearer.



WOW! Very cool character, i like armor design!
Keep going!


wow !!! great job, i really like his shield and the style of the armor.


It’s awesome…good job.


Great character an design !

with such an avatar, your could have been in “un chien andalou” from bunuel.:smiley:


great character ! love the design, and face expression.