The Beginning ... (a MUST READ for anyone interested in helping)


:bounce: Kirt thx…u are right about lower part of legs, i will correct everything there 'cuase i also see them and want to cut them off (it also needs cleaner geometry there)…i am on to it !!!



about 1925 polygons


OK, I’ll try that car (will take me a while).


just thought i should keep the Wips commin and yes i know the ear looks pretty strange but im workin on it . im more then happy for another person to be making the cow aswell so there not all identical but doesnt livestock all look the same when there in a group? real cows have little differences so shouldn’t we just have same cow model with different spot patterns and a few size differences?


Wow Ila, that looks like an incredible rig!, do send me the password, would love to check it out (even tho I’m not in the group :p)

Nice job guys

You know something? This looks to be a very promising project. So I’ll start a sub forum for you guys.

note This isn’t going to be a regular thing, but the way this project is going I will gladly open a forum for you guys to keep things organized as this thread is getting much too big, and it might lose focus and updates and such.



Cool thnx Lil Dragon! :slight_smile:

Kirt and the rest of the guys, just wanted to let u know il be out for about 5 days im goin up to LA for spring break. So hopefully i won’t miss toomuch, il make sure to do some updates tho before i leave.


By the way, for the people working with 3D Studio Max there is a good export plugin to .obj for Maya, called MAX2OBJ

MAX2OBJ generates an Alias|Wavefront OBJ and MTL file from a 3DStudio MAX scene

Here is the link

Hopes this helpes some of you out there.



PS: If everybody already knows this, sorry for the trouble. :smiley:


Thanx Poco that is helpful :slight_smile:


Originally posted by ila_solomon

4. by downloading this file you agree to be involved in this project until the end of it!

oh… …ehmm… wh… … oops!


Hmm, i would agree with Roto about the cow modeling. Also it would be more efficient and have better results if we were to take his cow mesh, duplicate it a few times and throw some lattices and alter it to quickly make several different looking cows, while keeping consitencey with the style of them. Of course different textures for each of them. Ill do this often with generic body parts I have modeled in the past


Tito the lildragon, Yes Sir! check your PM, thanx a lot for the forum :smiley: :thumbsup:

Andres, You are hooked!

Rotamus, I Loooove that cow! :love: :drool: just like the sketch.


Rotamus - Most cows do look the same, but I offered for others to do a cow because we seem to have an abundance of modellers here now. That’s all I have at the moment for others to work on. Your cow is looking fantastic too! :thumbsup: The only suggestion I have at the moment is to save the colors for later so we can see the geometry better.

DetoxIllusions - Not a bad looking gun, but we’ll need more detail on it. I think the gun is covered anyway. JDex has it almost done. Look for something not done yet in the thread and we’ll be more than likely to use it.


hello men,
I’m rendering my first animation test and:

  1. The setup seems to be great. My problem is that I love to animate in FK without tons of colored manipolators :slight_smile: , but
    I learn quicly…or I should learn…or could…or…ghhhhhh…

Can I try to setup the character in my personal way?

If you think this is a stupid idea (because other animators could use the model and so on) don’t esitate to stop me. ok?

  1. cause I suck, I don’t know how post the movie in the forum…I havenot a ftp space to shared to you. :frowning: . !! help me. !!

:wip: CuTnPaste :wip:


My problem is that I love to animate in FK without tons of colored manipolators

just delete or disable which IK you don’t need.

Can I try to setup the character in my personal way?

Why not? :slight_smile:

I don’t know how post the movie in the forum

Since you can’t do that, so feel free & send it to then i put it in the server & link to it from here.


Anyway…The test rendering is at 45 %…and I’m going to jump into my bed for 29.000 seconds…so…c u soon…

CuTnPaste —zzzzzzzz…zzzz.z.z.



is it an animation test? so do make a QUICK HARDWARE RENDER PRIVIEW! not an actual render buddy! :wink:


OK, since we have this new forum … let’s take advantage of it. If you’re working on something right now, start a new thread with a subject line that looks something like these examples:[ul][li]Alien2 - modeling & rig[]Mom - animation test[]Trailor park - props[*]FX - lazer blast[/ul]
I’m going to close and sticky this post and I encourage everyone who’s interested in this project to read it all. A lot of useful information has been provided here already and we don’t have the time to bring anyone up to speed by repeating things already posted here.

I’m going to start a General Discussion thread where you can post comments, questions, etc. not relating to specific project threads in the forum.

In another thread, I’ll will outline the deadlines that I’ve set and what’s coming up. A loose schedule that we can hopefully keep on track with. This will probably be a locked thread so it doesn’t get cluttered with a bunch of posts.