The Beginning ... (a MUST READ for anyone interested in helping)


Ok, I got the cat (I have 3 in real life). Will be done in Max 5.1 and exported as obj. Perhaps it would be better to do the fur in Maya so I won’t use shag hair.

I will update as it comes along.


okay here is a little update of a still ugly as hell trailer.


Awesome! I’m game if you need a modeler. I’d like to knock out the Hero for you if that’s alright. Do you have any 3 view sketches? I saw your concept sketches I can start with those as a reference. Also do you want him modeled nude then clothed or just model what is seen? Let me know, I’ll start on the head and post a WIP soon!:thumbsup:

Kenn :airguitar


BlueCougar - No nudies! (the baby is the closest exception) :smiley:

As you’ve probably seen, I have a backlog of sketching to do … as soon as I can they’ll be here. :argh:

JIII - Keep at it … no need to post updates that frequently though. Once you get the basic shape down, put up the image and I’ll let you know what needs to be changed.

Astral - Fur or Shag is not needed. There will be no close up shots of the cat so I think a painted texture over poly shapes will suffice. The cat has 3 states of being in the film - wondering the trailor park, sleeping & scared as hell. So, ‘scared as hell’ is the only facial morph needed.

Poco - I think that matches my propane tank wonderfully. I’ll get quick sketches of props when I can … er … I’m starting to sound redundant. :stuck_out_tongue:

Viper - The interior of the trailor will be a stationary set. The outside of the trailor will need to squash and stretch. I’m sure we can find someone to texture the interior if you get the modelling done and exported to .obj

JDex - Cool! The aliens wont have speaking lines so basically I need two distinctive voices laughing, coughing, sneezing, grunting, etc. In the context of the film, you’ll have to wait on storyboards. Our hero is the only speaking character … the rest just make noises.

nottoshabi - Get the alien model from ila_solomon and lets see what you can do. Make him walk, pick up something, lip sync a short movie clip or whatever else sounds good to you. I can’t wait to see him in action.

Swoop - Looking forward to it!

Rice ManX - I’m doing a sketch over the top of your ship views … The scale needs to be adjusted again. I will show you with the 2 aliens sitting in the cockpit area. I also have an idea for the back end. I’m hoping to have these up tomorrow.

Gah! I need to make inventory of who’s on this project now. I should mention that this is expected to take 2 years to complete. We’re all working in our spare time, so if you’re in it for the duration we’re happy to have you.

E-mail me your full name and what you did when you finish something, Please! It’s for the credits at the end of the film.


Ok thatd be awesome Kirt, i still have to do headlights on it but thats it (other that more tweeks). Ahhm if you get sketch i can compare it, because the Gi render kinda distorts the perspective? but yes skets are always needed.

And while waiting for you to respond, i began on the Alien’s ship seats! and those are almost practically done and will be waiting for your crit soon. I will also keep working on dashboard, i have good idea of what to do for interior.

all we need is TIME! hehe and hopefully i will be with you guys through the long haul:wavey:


i started modelling the cows head not finished but ill keep the updates of the head commin


Hello…I’m a 3D animator and I use maya4.0 ----

I’m still working at videogame company, but i love this work and…can I try to help you?

I have not a lot of time…but i can help you …

c u soon


p.s. warning…maya3 is really fill of bugs !!! we made e 10 minutes short movie with motion capture character and we found terrible bugs…


Hello fellow artist!
I’m at your service as a humble 3d modeller!.. I wanna join! Sign me up!

Lemme’ have a look on that hero character… :bounce:

Let’s kick some alien ass!


:bounce: :bounce: ila … Yes sir!!!:beer:

And a small first update of MOM…lol

Who wants to animate her when i finish ? :wip: :bounce:

maybe cutnpaste ? Check with Ila and Kirt
I am making MOM in Maya 4.5…so it’s ok by me …



Them are some skanky toes there! Looking good!


ok now just trying to refine the face to show the humor kirt had shown in the concepts some oppinions (btw its not textured yet im just a lil color to liven it up)



damn forgot to attach file derr i smart in the head


:bounce: dobermunk …i don’t know what skanky means (i hope something discusting…lol )

and one breath and…:wip: :wip:


Looking good people… looking good :smiley:


I’ve been follwing this thread for a few weeks now and would like to texture some of the models. If there are any models that are finished I would like to help.


Love to do some animation tests with the character … email me to fill me in on the details.


ed209 are u talking about MOM or you are reffering to someone else ? :bounce:


Actually it was in response to ila_solomon. Asking if I wanted to test animate the alien a few pages back.


Originally posted by Kirt
Viper - The interior of the trailor will be a stationary set. The outside of the trailor will need to squash and stretch. I’m sure we can find someone to texture the interior if you get the modelling done and exported to .obj

Ok, so I can do any interiors it’s requiered. Those sketches that has the alien dude and his friend are the interior of the trailer or of the ship? This one:

Or is the ship the trailer? :smiley:


:surprised The aliens are inside the spaceship. Mom and the baby live inside the trailor. The interior of the trailor has not been designed yet.

Everyone who has joined recently (or has sent me an e-mail or PM), needs to go back and read through the entire thread. Most of your questions will have already been answered, and we really don’t have time to go back and restate what has already been said.

If you don’t read the whole thread, we probably don’t need your help on the film. Sorry if that sounds harsh or you don’t have the time to read a long thread, but that’s the way it has to be.