The Beginning ... (a MUST READ for anyone interested in helping)


WEEEEEEEE!!! Front Page!! Thank you CgTalk Admins! :xtreme: :bowdown: :applause:

Anyone New - Welcome! Take a project and go with it! I can give you feedback as long as you post your progress. I’ll be pretty busy until Monday, so no time for new sketches right now. You’ll just have to do your best with what is provided so far.

Up for grabs -

Modellers: Alien #2, our Hero, a cat, interior of spaceship (high detail to be used as set), cows (we need more than one and duplicating the same model doesn’t appeal to me) & the intergalactic jellyfish (see storyboards).

2D Artists: We need interior layout designs of mobile home, layout of a trailor park (relatively small population and a very rural area in a foothill location), crop circle design (should reflect wimsical nature of our two hooligan aliens), and instrument panel graphics for spaceship.

That should keep everyone busy until I get some free time again. :smiley:


:bounce: :bounce: I will have have the model of MOM in a pretty descent point until the end of week…:bounce: :bounce:

:wip: :wip: :wip:


Sound’s great Kirt


Well i have NEVER helped on something like this before but feel the Jellyfish is my kinda thing as a beginner…hehe

Anyways i’m gonna try and model a Jellyfish tomorrow, and we will see how it goes :smiley:

Edit: What program to use ? I would prefer modelling in max (as thats basically the only proggie i know) so if max models are no good then consider this post invalid (or whatever).

However i hope it will be good as i’m gonna start modelling a galactic jellyfish tomorow :smiley:


Well, if you can export an .obj file from MAX that will work… I don’t remember if you can though… the final product will be done in MAYA so we need compatable files…

The only problem I see with doing it in max would be rigging and textures… but I’m sure if you model a great galactic jellyfish the wonderful folks here can wrap it up in maya.



Hello i would like too model alien 2. Im pretty decent att modeling.


Go for it dreamer… :bounce:


Thought I should add this for the other artists who are contacting me …

Animators: We’re really not at the point were we can start animating scenes, but I would love to see the characters put through test animations before we get there. So far ila’s model is the only one that is ready (or close to ready) for animation. As the other models get completed, you can contact the modellers here to see if there’s some way of getting ahold of the model for tests.

Character Riggers: Same as above … if a model is completed, contact the modeller or request the file here so we know who has what or what work is being done.

FX Artists: Eventually, we’ll get there also. You can work on a few tests also if you’re really bored for something to do. I’d like to keep the cartoon look to things like lasers and explosions. Not neccessarily a toon shader, but something in between that and realism. The effects should also carry the same style as the characters … plump, water-balloon-like & deep saturated colors. Other effects needed … runny nose/snot bubbles/mucous strands, liquid substance in a clear vial, electric charge running along a wire, UFO lighting for tractor beam/time suspension/cattle mutilation and the spaceship’s engine thrust.

Texture Artists: I haven’t done a texture myself, so texture artists are going to have to show me what they can do with the models. Get a mesh from one of the modellers and show me how you can improve the model. I’ll provide more feedback as I see the results.

Composite Artists: You probably have the longest wait of all the folks. Maybe we’ll get some animatics going and you can play with those to test out scenes and camera angles for the final renders.

Modellers: The film will be completed with Maya (I’m working on getting the latest release before the end of this year), but you can model in any application you like. As long as the model is polygon and you can export to .obj file for Maya.

Other: We still need voice and foley artists for this. Anyone have access to good recording equiptment? It’s going to be needed before we start animations. We have someone for music, but contributions/collaborations there would be welcome.

Everyone: The story is written and storyboards will be complete by end of April? Well … that’s what I’m shooting for. :smiley:

All I’m asking is to keep the progress reports here. I know working with other folks you’ll be tempted to PM each other with questions/observations/critiques. However, we’re keeping the discussion on the board so that other members can see what we do and learn from our progress (or mistakes).

I’ll try to address everyones individual comments or questions later tonight when I have a moment at work.

Until then … keep up the good work! :beer:


sounds good… i’m gonna be making a jellyfish then… expect 3dsmax and maya work good together…

catch ya later with some progress hehe


hehey! hello everyone
before everything, these are from Parnell:

Dimitris, do all in maya 4.5! kirt have to upgrade at all! :wink:
Swoop, go for MAX, no problem, thanx for joining :thumbsup:
ed209 & Grgeon, wanna test animate the alien? it’s rigged in maya 4.5
Dreamer, we will be glad :smiley: … you know the aspects: polygonal, exportable to maya, etc., …
Kirt, you said everything… :slight_smile: :beer:
damn, this freelancing money-making job is killing me! … busy for few days…


Hey ya kirt,

As previously mentioned, I have a bunch of good sound gear and can try to do some voices if I have some ideas of what is needed…

Also I’ll be taking ProTools this coming quarter in school, so I can prolly do some things that will apply to both Alienz & Class…

Let me know when ya get around to it.


Hello everybody.

I’m a little late, but I would like to help any way I can, I can rig and animate. I’m willing to do a test for veriffication. I use maya 4.5 or 4.


I might be interested in doing the interior. I need to ask a couple of things though:

  1. Will it need flexible animation stuff? If so, i don’t think I can do it, cause of the export from MAX to Maya.

  2. I won’t texture it, mostly cause I work in MAX, and I believe the dude that would convert everything would not be able to get the same results as I do (I have a pretty complicated material setup ;))

Anyway, let me know :slight_smile:


I would like to help in this project (especially the props).
I did some testing for style.

What do u think?


Nice but remember unless you are using maya i dont think you can get away with nurbs.


here is a quick and dirty as hell trailer. just a little 15 minute test. this is gonna be hard as hell with out nurbs.


Thats not nurbs, just normal polygon with smooth on top.


ohh okay looks nice


I believe you can use nurbs as long as you convert it to poly’s… let me know if I’m wrong…


well i spoke too soon but I am using C4d and when i convert to polys I will get triangle city. so thats why i am avoiding them. I just figured that thats the way it went for all of the other apps.