The Beginning ... (a MUST READ for anyone interested in helping)


Hi Rotamus :wavey:

Ditto what ila said … sorry I’m short on time this week. :argh:

Thanks for the help ila !! :thumbsup:


Welcome Rotamus. ahh well u can call me Parnell if you wish that is my real first name :stuck_out_tongue: hope u have fun here with us. ttyl


Tommy Lee was working on a title design. I don’t know if he’s still doing it or not. So, you’re welcome to give it a shot. Just post your ideas in the thread and we’ll see which ones we like the best.

The title/opening sequence is going to be storyboarded along with the short. It sort of sets up the characters of the film. So, no real work to be done there (except the animation of course)


dark_lotus wrote on 03-11-2003 06:11 PM:

Can I do a logo/title sequence for the short film project, if no-one has offered to take this up yet.

Many Thanks!

Robert (dark_lotus)


sweet and nice to meet you all
your models look great so far and the second i saw the cow
concept it made me laugh so much


Hello all i just discovered this Thread. Wish to heck i had found it earlier. But any way If you need a sorta okay modeler/ texturer.
or a pretty decent film editer let me know.

would love do anything related to this project.

also a question. do you need locations/secnes modeled?


I think we’ve got a ton of video editors, but I think we need a trailer modeled still… there’s a concept a few pages back… Speak up everyone if I’m wrong…

Welcome newcomers!!!

Update… I’ve been slammed with school the last two weeks plus I got a few freelances so I had to crank those to pay for the school.

Kirt, the gun is still in pieces, i will hopefully be able to jump back into gettin this gat right after next week, I will be sure to post an exploded view on the next iteration. I will see what I can do with your comments then… The July time frame sounds about right to me, also I’ll be getting XSI in a few weeks, so I’ll try to do it up with nurbs and then convert and export as an .obj file.

I know you are slammed too kirt, but after you take care of some of the other (more pressing) sketches, can you maybe list out some of the other environment props (buckets, haybails you know stupid easy stuff that we’ll need) so that there’s a complete list of assets. Then some of the newb’s like myself can work on those during those frustrating “I just can’t do these complicated bulbous covers, arghh” moments (also to give our rambunctious buddy Unlevel something to do).

Sorry if I rambled, hour 39 of html approaching, need scotch!!!


Found the Trailer(page 15 is anyone wants to know), this looks interesting I will give it a go if no one else has taken it that is. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Jesus!!!..guys u make me so jealous …u really have fun…:bounce: :wavey:

ouaaaa :cry: …why haven’t i seen this thread before…i am so blind some times:cry:


DimitrisLiatsos - You’re more than welcome to join in on the fun. The Mom needs to be modeled still :smiley:

Everyone else - Here’s a good shortcut to the images I’ve created so far. Bookmark it so you don’t have to search the thread.

AlienZ: The Folder!


Ok Kirt few Q’s.

After you just posted, i saw that other cockpit pic really helps:thumbsup:

Guns and mechanical arms for ship. Hmm since it seems like you don’t have much time on your hands for sketching, would you mind if i tried a few designs then showed them to you for approval???

I think soon when i can get a few images over to Ila so he can host them for me, you can see the ship. I did tweeks to the pad that the tail fin rests on, and some tweaks on the back (u will see, i hope u like it too). Should i add a kinda engraved ladder on the side of the ship near cockpit so the aliens can get in and out?!? Hopefully soon i can work more on the cockpit!!! And ive got a few idea for the back (engines wize). I hope you like it when you see it!!

Ok i think im gonna goto bed for now, real tired.


Geez those sound clips are funny. Anyways bossman, heres a few more images. Im kinda a newb and I dont have a website just yet so im gonna have to deal with these itty bitty pics for now
heres a quick render, still with default lighting,and…


…and here is a wire of the base mesh. I Widened the head, enlarged the feet, made the wrists and ankles fatter, reduced geometry in the digits, spread his legs, crapped his pants, and widended his overall base. Keep the crits comming guys


Rice ManX (Parnell) - Go ahead and sketch the guns if you want. I’m not sure myself how they’re supposed to look. :smiley: I figured it would just come to me when I got around to drawing them. The original storyboard had nothing more than a quick couple boxes to indicate where they would be and their size.

I’d like to see the new changes to the ship. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen your progress. Go ahead and send them to me if you want and I can put them on my webspace. I always have room if I dump my archieved images (old crap anyway).

A step ladder isn’t really needed, but if it adds some character to the ship, then give it a shot. Important thing to remember is to not over-do the details. We’re not going for super realism and somethings don’t even have to make sense in the designs (i.e. the ship’s guns). Only add if it improves the character/object … otherwise “NO!” :smiley:

MaDuece (Steve) - Send me the images also. Looks like a tweek needed in the wrist/back of hand, but those images are so darn small. :surprised

The crapped diaper looks much better :thumbsup:



OK!:bounce: :bounce: …:bounce: MAMA !!! here i come

…must check all thread again for any closer pic of MAMA and see all the little details ( where to send model and what format…):thumbsup:

Wheeeeeee !!!:beer:

EDIT : Didn’t find any but just one…so i will start with that.

Kirt, Ila and anyone else … my email for this thread is . So send there Kirt anything closer details for Mom ( I am modeling in Maya 4.5 , i know u have Maya 3, so before painting any textures i will go to Maya 3 for rig and textures…i am doing all theese … or just modeling ?) :bounce:


Front Page Plug!!!



Front Page, yeaaaah. Good work Kirt and the Crew.


Need any help on the animation side of this project?


Hey fella’s

I would like to model the trailer if it is not taken? If not then I have some free time to model something needed.

Just let me know what’s open.

Great job guys


Ok that sounds cool il go ahead and shoot for it, and once i get my scanner up il send the sketches over to make sure its all ok. haha before i read the post i just sent Ila over a few update pics, so u will get to see them soon. (i could send a copy over to you if you would like???) and the progress isn’t amazing:rolleyes: but i did lots of cleaning and tweeking etc… ok cu guys later!


I wouldn’t have known of this place if not for the front page ad :slight_smile:

Seems you guys have a lot of help already… Any character animation or drawing positions still open? :slight_smile:

It’s look good,