The Beginning ... (a MUST READ for anyone interested in helping)


haha lol, ya people make lots of fun outa my name: popular ones, Pornell, or Cornell, or Horny Porny… :scream: Ships, well hmm i worked on it lastnight, not much though. I will just post a small 1 on the board or somthing, cuz my ISP is still having tech probs with its hosting solutions :scream:

Whew seeya guys around!


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New poster is up in the WIP Forum

Long day for me … I had a freelance job to do. Now I’m going to bed and hoping that Friday goes by quickly.


we have liftoff!


That poster’s lookin great!
Got one point of criticism tho :wink:
the aliens’ shadows seem a bit too sharp, especially around the eyes. Apart from that, I think he’s great. thumbsup ila!


Hmmm … page 3 and slipping fast. I guess no one is interested. :shrug:

No body loves us … waaaaaaaah! :cry:


Great job guys!

Ill keep an eye on your progress here! I really like the concept and characters you got there KIRT! Keep going…



Ok heres the latest. Minus some diaper detail, and belly button and textures. nipples, eyebrows, fingernails will probably be textured, especially coz it sounds like there wont be close shots of these parts

Kirt- does this little guy have any hair? Your sketch shows 2 little hairs, Im not sure how it will translate to 3d, but I can try. Or maybe some sparse hair on top via texture?

Ila- were gonna have to establish a global scale which is gonna be important for the rigs and animation. Since your character is rigged we can go ahead and use his height to determine global scale. Can you tell many how many Maya units tall he is. Also, what are your Maya units set as(cm or feet)? Then I can refer to Kirts previous sketch to determine height of the baby


lol kirt, u stil have us buddy!

Madeuce- its looking awesome dude, but, his toes loook way too symetrical with eachother, at first i thought he had 7 toes or somthing, make em more irregular.


MaDeuce (Steve) - Overall proportions and design look pretty good. Very close to the concept illustrations. But I think he needs to be toon’d up some more. I suggest working on the legs and feet first. The front view that I provided seems to be the problem. Let me see if I can explain it better …

All of the characters and objects have a bottom heavy appearance. Meaning that they will bulge outwards at the end of thier extremities. Arms are thicker at the forearm, feet are large and pudgy, and fingers/toes resemble the shape of drops of water.

On the baby, you should drop the arch of the foot down so it’s not pronounced as much. The toes don’t need the extra joints. Just make them little round fat globs at the end of the foot. The ankles need to be as wide as the foot and suggest that fat in the lower legs rests at the ankle. The whole leg could use more baby fat on it as it looks more like the leg of a toddler rather than a newborn.

Think of the characters as water balloons and how the skin would be weighted at the bottom due to the gravity and elasticity of the ‘container’.

Coincidently, I recently picked up the DVD version of Lilo & Stitch. On the bonus features they talk about the character designs and how they have the same type of appearance as what I’m doing here. Watch that if you have it … that’s exactly how I want these characters to be.

Additional tweeks for the baby:

Diaper needs to hang almost to his ankles and be more bulgy at the bottom (like he’s got something really stinky in there).

The head seems narrow from this view. Is it about the same width as his belly? (See front view concept)

Forearm to knuckles could use more baby fat. Definition of the wrist could be made with a subtle skin fold or wrinkle which isn’t real clear in the concept. (See side view concept)

Hair will be just two or three strands and I don’t want to paint it onto the surface. You could use a primitive plane with transparency map to create the hairs. Then use soft body dynamics to make them react to the movement of his head (have you seen the Salty the seal tutorial in the book, Learning Maya 2 from A|W education?)

Wooo … long list of tweeks! Don’t let that discourage you. You’re doing a fantastic job on this character.



Ya kirt, thats quite informative. I guess I had the impression that he was more toddler like coz hes walkin around. But the mesh is 99% ,complete so it will be very easy to shape him up with with deformers and such. Ill get the hang of this toon style, (at one point in time I was being too rational and making the head and wrist more narrow on porpose). However I dont quite catch your drift when you said “teardrop” shaped feet. But anyway Ill find some reference on Lilo and Stitch as well. So Ill be posting something tonight.

I bet people will start jumping on board when we have more content. But Ill be here in tha mean time


I drew the baby upright because I knew it would be easier modelling that way. Sorry if that confused you. He won’t walk in the film, but we’ll still need to rig him the same so we don’t run into any problems later. I’d rather have a complete rig than to find out later when we’re animating that we missed something.

Also, I didn’t say tear drop “feet” - I said “toes and fingers”. :smiley:


Hiii!, sorry I was offline for a few days.
so, Kirt, that poster looks great, post it in some other forums! :slight_smile:
Steve, his height is exactly 9 cm in maya unit.

I’ll be busy with a freelancing work till next 10 days, after that here is the NEW YEAR (first day of the spring), & probably I’ll have some good free time afterward! :slight_smile:


Yeah, well I don’t want to spam the other boards with the same thing right now. Maybe if you guys would reply to the thread it might help a little. Feel free to post additional images of your models, let them know what a nice guy I am to work with :D, or just … uhm … whatever you think will help get some interest (and some new members here).

I’ll be pretty busy for the next week also. I have an entry I’m working on for a contest over at and there are a few upcoming things that need attention for CgTalk. However, on my breaks I’ll see if I can’t get those ship interior shots done and some more character drawings.


Hmm im not kidding this time! i just spent all last night rendering a bunch of diffrent views with GI (hopefully it looks ok!) but! one problem, it just wouldn’t do to put them on the Forums at 20kb! so i was hoping for the time being if i could get somone to host my images on their server?!?! it wouldn’t be long at all. if not possible then i will just resort to the smaller images.

@Kirt- those interiors good thing much appreciated! :slight_smile:


feel free & post your pix to me, i’ll host them for you. :slight_smile:


thank u Ila!i hope it won’t be too much of a burden! could i get an email address from u?
or just send me an email and il reply it to u?



yes, sure:


OMG i only just descovered this thread and i wanna join in!!!
gimmi something to model (i would love to modle that cow it look kool) but if ya need some minor objects done i’d be more then happy to help


Hi, welcome to the board Rotamus.
the Cow is yours now, but remember these aspects:

  1. the final mesh must be polygonal, not very low-poly but not high poly so it could be modified easily (for then using it as smoothed or subD) put enough polygons (that’s not for realtime game you know!)

  2. the mesh should be convertable to OBJ format (for using in Maya) but if you model with maya then you can use NURBS directly.

  3. If you can texture it or at least can do the base UV setting, do it

  4. test some basic bone & rig afterward to see the weaknesses.

  5. share us your progression time to time! :slight_smile:

  6. stick to the original cow concept, try to model exactly like that.

may the force be with you…
btw, please introduce yourself to the other members of the crew. :thumbsup: