The Beginning ... (a MUST READ for anyone interested in helping)


:surprised You sort of lost me at the end of that sentence … but OK thanks! (I think) :smiley:

Honestly, I want everyone who works on this to say at the end (when they are telling their friends/family/potential employers about thier involvement) that this was “our” film and not just something that they “helped Kirt with.” That’s what collaboration is about, isn’t it?

Anyhoo … before I embarrass myself and call for a group hug …


Don’t think you can model characters huh? How about taking a crack at that mobile home then?

points back a couple pages to a 3/4 view I posted


Hmmm sorry about that at the end, i can kinda go off on one every so often.

The caravan looks good, but i don’t know if i’ll have time for something that big.

I’m helping Jaxx with his project as well so maybe i’ll give the caravan a miss but it looks really great and i think it would be fun to model. Anyway i’ll keep checking back and see what else crops up, and I’m definitly up for helping with the web site when it’s at that stage.



Ok well its 4 in the morning here, and after having a creative surge that resulted in probably the ugliest thing ive ever made, decided to see what happened here :scream:

@Ila- I really love your model man! good job and good job on poster too. Altho i would fix the “Texturer” word on there.

@Kirt- I know ive been slow past few days (i know i keep saying that) but its true im really bogged down with my work schedule. Although i have had some time to tweak the spaceship a tad bit. Ahh, i could try posting it up here, however i do not have an external host to link the image too. So it will be low quality… And ide like to thank you for your support and your guidance, i however feel that even though we are a big part of this project, if not for you, it would be unorganized, and without direction. In which case i feel u deserve a great amount of respect (u also came up with the story, the sketches, the ideas…etc) anyways, it gettin late for me so im gonna hit the sack.


Congratulations on your new poster guys. :D!

Ila: Since this is a WIP, here’s a couple of thoughts about that poster. The alien looks a slightly off balance, I would move his hips a little forward, or maybe his right foot a bit backwards. I don’t know what is the expression you want to achieve exactly, but if he’s trying to “convince” us maybe his eyes should be more opened to show excitement. You could also take the time to improve that lighting, we all know that’s easy for you.
And I hope this doesn’t sound too picky, bit the “ALIENZ” text could be more readable… ok, it’s not hard to figure out what it says, but you know what I mean.

:thumbsup: keep it up guys, this is getting better and better.


Hi. I grabbed the poster and played with it. Hope ya’ll don’t lynch me. Brought it closer to the UNcle Sam original …



dobermonk - He looks more sinister now and the text is hard to read at the bottom. But I do like the way it closely resembles the Uncle Sam poster.

ila - Frinsklen brings up some good points about the model itself. I’d like to see him a little more inviting and friendly looking even though he’s supposed to be a little hooligan. Here’s what I came up playing around with the text layers.


Hello friends & mates.
Rice ManX :slight_smile: thank you very much pal, I don’t know your real name, I prefer call my workmates by their real names!
Andres, I’m on it! … :wink:
David, That’s really original! :thumbsup:
Kirt, You da MAN! :smiley: I like it, once I send you the new pose render you can upload it here & there, attracting people.


download the [New Pose Image]( copy2.png)

[link updated]


Hmmm … :hmm:

If you have time for one more render … could you open his other eye, push the end of his tongue back in his mouth more and lean his upper body forward so it looks like he’s more centered over his legs?

His stance is probably a bit deceptive because of the size of his feet, but from this angle it looks like he’s leaning back too much.

I’m such a pain in the … ain’t I? :smiley:


No, of course you are not! :wink:
Done, above link is updated. wish it’s what you wanted. cause I’m a little sleepy!


Perfect! Get some sleep. :thumbsup:


Boy, Kirt, this project’s gonna rock the cg world!!!

I’m sorry I haven’t done anything for this project, yet, still trying to get my personal life and school sorted out…I HATE research papers…


haha, cool. Ila, and all u others, can call me Parnell. I know its a strange name!


Well, you can call me Steve coz MaDeuce is pretty corny:surprised
Im working on tha diaper tonight, it took me forever to model his ear and patch it into tha mesh(there cant be a harder humaniod feature to make.)ill be sure to post him once more before i start to texture

Tha poster looks great, and the last pose is really good, where are you guys gonna post it?

BTW- whats with my posts being attachments? Whats the diff on getting it to just display an image?


The poster looks really cool now, and if that doesn’t pull in the punters then nothing will.

oh and btw you can call me Rick, Richard, Dick, Fat Bloke, Hey You, Buckaroo, Big Man and a personal one for the ladies “You ugly fat bag of puss”…of course they love me really :smiley:

Oh yea and Freak :stuck_out_tongue:


MaDuece (Steve) - I’m going to post it in the WIP forum first. If we don’t get any additional help I’ll post it wherever I think it’s appropriate. I’d like to try and get CgTalk members before I post-whore this to other forums. Hopefully I won’t have to. :smiley:

If you use the attach image function of CgTalk it’ll show up like that. I’m using my own webspace to host my images so I can use the IMG tags around the image URL. Do a right-click > Properties on one of my images and you’ll see the address pointing to the “alienz/images/” folder on my site.

Rice ManX (Parnell) - Strange? Try going through grammar school with a last name like “Stanke” (rhymes with “stinky”). Kids can be so cruel … :cry:

Yeah, traumatizing childhood … until I learned to laugh at it all. I paid a kid $1.00 once for coming up with a clever taunt that I hadn’t heard before. He never bothered me again. :smiley:

Why am I boring you with this … let’s see that spaceship again!

unLevel (Trent) - Hey now … your enthusiasm is appreciated, but we have a long way to go still. I’ll have no fat heads on this project until we’re done, understand! Heheheheh :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally posted by Kirt
[B]Yeah, traumatizing childhood … until I learned to laugh at it all. I paid a kid $1.00 once for coming up with a clever taunt that I hadn’t heard before. He never bothered me again. :smiley:

LOL sounds like the Kirt that I know :smiley:




Shame? Why shame? I think that was a pretty good act :smiley:


:blush: << that’s a blush jeroentje

:smiley: << laughs at the Mod who doesn’t know his emoticons