The Beginning ... (a MUST READ for anyone interested in helping)


Thanx Kirt, the profile sketch helps considerably, im still tweaking the shapes, but I wanted to post something to let you know im still working on it. I changed the torso as well as per your sketch(higher pecs, chunkier backside). The rightmost shape is the old torso, so you can see how much your sketch helps. Also Im gonna have to model him with droopy eyelids, so i know I have enough geometry to close them.


Yeah, that looks pretty much like my sketch. :smiley: Good job!

It’s kind of hard to tell, but it looks like you’ve defined his cheekbones. Babies usually have pretty pudgy faces and cheekbones don’t start showing that much until 1st or 2nd grades. I probably shouldn’t have defined the jawline as much in the sketch either.

Find some baby pictures for reference, but stick to the character design. Basically, inflate baby to 45psi. Hehehehe. :smiley: :thumbsup:


Couldnt sleep, so I did a little more tonight. Using Maya of course. Eyelids need work, I refined tha cheeks and nose. Should we make the cheeks even fatter still?( probably a fatter neck if so).


man i would so love to do something for this short…

I have web design experience if that is of any use, HTML, Flash and ASP.

I’ll also have a go at some of the models when there are more concepts about.

Everything looks amazing at the moment though, can’t wait to see things come together.



I had to work on the cow design a bit for my storyboards. This is the result.

TheFreak - Only one more character to do (the cat) so if you want to model a character … better get on it. There are only 7 characters and 3 are in progress (alien1, alien2, & baby). :smiley:

MaDuece - Looks really good to me. Block out the rest of him so we can see the character as a whole. Then I’ll offer suggestions for tweeks.

Where’s everyone else? Vacation time already? Heheheh.


I’m here, just looking for others to respond.
I’m finished with the alien#1, but I’ve a problem with shoulder skin, when I want to pull the arms behind. I’m solving it.


ila, have you considered an influence object? You can use a polygon plane and its quite simple to set up. That way you can achieve deformation away from the bone, rather than in an arc with the bone. But after checking out your website, i see you probably know what your doing. Just a thought


just wanted to say that this project looks amazing! can´t wait to see it finished…
and Kirt… I really amazes me…

good works guys! keep it up! :beer:


hey guys ,sorry i bailed on you :frowning:
but i really don’t see like ill have any time to proceed ,so i guess you will need someone else to do it ,if he wants my file to start with ill just send him ,anyways later! thanks :slight_smile:


Heres a little more. Lower leg needs work and top of hand is a bit boxy i know. Ears and diaper are placeholders of course. I wouldnt mind doing another character after this one. Looks like only 2 characters are in tha works now, so I wouldnt mind doing the cow and ide luv to through some soft body on those teets. I think Ill wait on the baby’s setup till i have an idea of how hes animated. I have tommorrow off so maybe i can finish the model and do some texturing and post another with better lighting

Kirt- how many teeth if any does he have, or is he even going to be opening his mouth?


MaDeuce - The baby will have no teeth … just gums and he will open his mouth. He has basically two appearances in the short. I’m still debating the first shot.

Originally, he was just a voice crying off camera, but I think it’ll add a bit of humor to have the mom shoot a glance over to where the baby was sleeping in the trailer. This happens when the aliens are trying to steal the trailer with thier tractor beam. The trailer and it’s contents are effected by the anti-gravity and slowly lifts up from the planet’s surface. Mom will obviously be scared and bewildered. I thought it would be funny to show an interior view of the trailer and have the baby floating in the room with other objects. Baby will cry or giggle … not sure what’s better.

The second shot will be after our hero disables the tractor beam on the ship and the trailer comes crashing down to the surface again. The mom steps out of the door carrying the baby under one arm and she’s dizzy from the fall. She falls back into the trailer whle holding the baby after our hero tells her to stay inside.

Just for fun (in the closing credits) we could do a “dancing baby” gag … because I know how much 3D folks hate that trend. Baby starts dancing, hero shoots at ground around baby scaring him off camera and hero steps into frame saying, “Hey! Hey! No dancing babies!” :smiley:

all - It was a busy week at work for me (end of the month always sucks) and I’ll probably be tied up for the next couple weeks. So, I don’t know how much more drawing I’ll get done. Be patient all … I’m working on it as much as I can. :wip:

Here’s a summary of modelling for main characters/objects …
We have no modellers for:

Alien2 (abandoned by Wiz)
jellyfish (on storyboards)
mobile home
cat (pending concept sketch)

Alien1 - ila_solomon
Spaceship - Rice ManX
Gun - JDex
Baby - MaDeuce
Cow - MaDeuce

I would love to see all these done and ready to go before July (4 months should be enough time right?). I’m setting a deadline for myself on the storyboards. I am going to do my best to have them all finished and online by the end of April.

Hopefully that will allow me some time to try some modelling as well.


LOL, the 1st shot sounds halarious, especialy if you decide to have him giggle. Also, the cow concept looks like enough for a modeling sheet, so ill keep busy for a while


Kirt, Consider Alien#1 is finished, i’ll post you the final rigged version very soon.
4 months is good, if we had more modeler…
well, I think i should continue on alien#2 or the Hero, one of.
is there anybody who want to model the other stuff like jellyfish, trailer, car, junkies, … ?!
Kirt, I think we should place a POSTER & advertisment in general forum & some others (uncle sam’s ‘we want you’ style!) buddies do not come here much.


ila - I’ve sent lildragon info to add us to the short film repository in the General Discussion forum. Also, I agree we should promote it in the WIP and Finished work galleries. Feel free to show off your excellent model and link to this thread!

Modellers - I’ve made a quick sketch to show the scale of the main characters and vehicles. This should give you a good understanding of how the characters will look together.


Cool 4 months is real good time period, cuz as of rite now i don’t have too much time on my hands. And sadly no updates for u on cockpit, but like said, whenever you can those other cockpit sketches would be much appreciated:D ttyl guys


:slight_smile: ok kirt
this is a preview for the ‘we want you’ poster.

you tell me what parts/texts should be chanegd? or I’ll post you the PSD file?


ila - That’s really cool! Thanks for taking the time to put that together! Here’s my thoughts (you know there would be something, huh? :D) … I would down-play the “Kirt Stanke” bit.

Yeah, I got it started and it’s my story, but in the end it’s going to be a film made by members of CgTalk. So it’s as much a film created by all those involved - so credit should go to everyone. How about “AlienZ: A Short Film by Members of”?
I can boast in the credits later that it was “Directed by” <insert big cheezy grin that an icon won’t cover>.

It would be nice to use our title logo (you listening Tommy?) but we’re still very much WIP so I think we can get away with a substitute.

Maybe I’m just having one of those “brain fart” moments … but what’s a TD? I’m sure it’ll come to me right after I hit the submit button.

You could send me a psd file or I could hack-n-slash at the image you have here. I’m sure I could come up with a couple alternatives while I’m not busy at work. :smiley:


:slight_smile: hehe, thanx kirt
well TD is Technical Director, I don’t know why I put it there, but sometimes a TD is a MUST HAVE, especialy for MAYA.
I prefer you modify the poster, you can change EVERYTHING but the figure (cause you still don’t have the model, nor maya 4.5!)
if you want some changes in alien1 figure just tell me.
& here is the psd:


OK … I got the file. I’ll play around with it tonight and see what I can do with it. A couple other poses of the alien would be good, but not really neccesary if you don’t have the time. Thanks again!


Just seen the poster, i hope that pulls a few heads for you. Well anyway as i have seid before i am willing to help out.

Not to good at the character modeling so far but when you get to the props and stuff then i’ll certainly be here to lend a hand.

Also i do some web design, HTML, Flash, ASP so if you need anything in that area i’m up for it. Prolly a bit early for that stuff yet though.

Keep up the great work

P.S. And Kirt you are too modest man, but it’s nice to see there are people left in the world who arn’t fame hungry and are willing to just leave the credit to a flashing dancing logo with it’s own personal music score and a small 25 minute movie of how brilliant they are untill the end of the movie :smiley: