The Beginning ... (a MUST READ for anyone interested in helping)


Kirt, I’m happy you like it!..if you think some area need texture work then give me some then I unwarp them on object.
The rigging part is about to finish, I did some tests, not bad but still not final (needs more work to do) here is a sample test:
(ah! these maya’s pivots & bones are killing me!)

The next step is making morph targets for facial animation.

I don’t want to do animation test yet, I think it’s soon for such a thing, we should finish all the characters first. (but maybe a little walkcycle test doesn’t harm anybody!)
Kirt if you’ve got the PLE then may I send you this rigged body for examination?

btw, I’m going to start my Short soon (not “the old man & the fly” that I’ve started a while ago, a new one! so I’ll be involved into 3 short projects in a same time! :stuck_out_tongue: )


hey ila_solomon this is looking cool, i like it, keep up the good work.


Hey, that rigging looks very nice Ila. Great job everyone.

Sorry if I sound too picky, but I still think those feet are too big. Whoever is going to animate this, is going to have it rough… I would have also added a bit more detail to his fingers, just to make them easier to understand.

I like Jeroen’s idea about the 3 eyes and 3 engines, it helps to create a more original environment too.



Frinsklen - The feet would be a problem if he was going to be walking much in the film. But, I established earlier in the thread that this alien will stay seated in the ship through the film and will only have to crawl/fall out of the cockpit at the end. He’ll do just fine for that, so the feet are good as is.

ila - I think the alien looks really great the way he is. I can’t see much need for texture work on him unless we want to put a few stains on his clothes to further emphasize that he’s a slob/slacker/holigan alien.

You can send me the model, but I won’t get PLE until Tuesday when I go back to work and can use their T1 line for downloading. It would just take too long on my home dial-up connection.

magicm - I would like to hear some of you work, but sending it to my mailbox isn’t a good idea. I only have 6M available and sound files usually take up a bit. If you have them on the web somewhere, send me a link here or PM so that I can dl them. We’ll definately need some music. I have a few talented friends but recording equiptment would have to be rented and I’m don’t even know if they would have time to help with a soundtrack.

pabbloz - Good to see you around here and it’s understandable that you’re busy. Your knowledge and critiques are more than welcome. I love what you’re doing with Space Duck and it was one of the inspirations for me to get started on this short again.


hey, what a silent crew!..everybody’s out? ok, just for your considration!:

Rigging is almost finished (did I say it before?!) :

C’mon men, we have a lot of work to do, put your efforts. hurry up … (seems even 2 years is not enough for making this short!)



looking good ila, it looking good. Yeah i was wondering where has everyone gone. I am currently working on another project so i just look here to see if there is anything for me to do yet and check out whats new.


ila… looks like a good rig… can’t wait to see him do a jig.

the boards have been quieter in general today than normal, I personally have been shoveling white-death all day, I’d love to say it was other peoples driveways for moohlah, but it was just trying to keep up with the 16"+ in my driveway that we have gotten today.

I have been working on the ngons, poles and tris in the gun the last few days… the bulbous covers are a real biatch (for me at least. will hopefully post an update Wed.


I haven’t seen snow in over 10 years. It makes me sad, really. I love snow.


& here is snowing…really heavy one! :wink: I love it .


snowing here too, though not enough to get me out of school…:shrug:


Warm and sunny here in CA, but what is new? :shrug: I actually took some time to play with the kids and get some things done around the house this past weekend. BUT! I managed to sketch the mobile home this evening and I’m still working on storyboards. So … I’m still here. Keep on it guys! :thumbsup:

Edit - Ugh … looking at it here I noticed more FUBAR perspective! Anyhoo, you get the idea. It’s a teardrop shaped mobile home just big enough for the Mom and her baby to live in. I’ll have some interior sketches later.


Kirt- Now is the ship im modelling going to have a cockpit? if so i could use somemore sketches to get started on that, sorry for the slow updates recently but my job is really demanding, and track season has started so im a lil preoccupied. BUT no worries im still in :slight_smile:


We will need an interior for the ship. It can be modeled separate though and used as a set for the interior scenes. We’ll also need a less detailed interior for when the ship opens and the aliens exit the ship. We can add that to your model later.

I know … everyone is waiting on me for sketches. :argh:


lol, its all good man, im also on a time crunch. But ive been doing small tweaks to the overall shape, soon i will post progress. But as usual anything will help, and more side views and top views with perspectives REALLY help. (Sides and Tops for viewport matching, and persp to check porportions), no pressure :slight_smile: ttyl


wow, this is really good. I like it.


Do you think any shape is missing?

I don’t know when I should leave this character & start another one! maybe after an animation test.
Kirt I think we (everybody) need a schedule for tasks!
even fun & spare-time projects need an agenda.


Hi Kirt,

I would luv to help out in any way if you guys need it. I like to model characters and Im good at rigging/skinning and. But if there are no character assignments left, I wont mind doing some props. Just let me know, Ill have a lot of spare time for the next few months.



Hi Steve, I think there are some characters left for you, the Hero, the Mother & her Baby.
you can model in any app you want, but rigging & shading should be done in Maya. (that’s because Kirt has only Maya in hand)
feel free & join us :slight_smile: :beer:


Kirt, do you want me to start on that website?

I can try to work on it sometime this weekend, though I’m kinda a newb, and I don’t know flash…


I still think we’re a bit early for a website. But if you want something to work on, go for it. The worst that’s going to happen is that we’ll get a better idea for the site later and you’ll have to redesign. :smiley: But who knows, you might also make some really neat things that we’ll want to keep.

I take it you don’t want to try modelling anything? No better way to learn than to give it a try. Make one of those small spaceships that I need for the end. Make an RV. Anything really … we need more models.

:wip: :wip: :wip: