The Beginning ... (a MUST READ for anyone interested in helping)


hey ila as far as I have seen the PLE fully supports the ma/mb correctly. Textures and shaders are fully compatible. Just that once they are in PLE you can’t export back out except in PLE format. So as long as it is going in but not meant to come back out you should be fine doing it that way.


i just began this guy…very basic stuff
anyways i try to follow the simple look ila began
so here it is…

still no eye lids…(i am gonna do the sphere ila style)
and no hair things or ears…
really just begining…


Hello everybody,…
Dear pabbloz, would you leave a hand instead of an eye for this?!! I know you are not busy with Space Duck project anymore! :wink:
Hey Uri, good start man, I think you are doing right
examin the wireframe so you can see how ‘clean’ & ‘smooth’ is my model, do always keep the model’s polygons in minimum, avoid unnecessary polys, then you will have more control & smooth curves.
& now we need a texture guy (this is always hard to find!)…Kirt himself or Tommy, please?..this eye iris texture that i’ve made is temporary…

& What about ‘Classic B&W B-movies Style’ ?! :wink:

I think kirt must get hands on a Maya PLE version. then we see how we can transfer the files correctly.



That’s looking great ila… I really love the colors…

The only crit I have is the buttons need button holes, pretty anal huh! lol

Can’t wait to see this here gun in his hands…


I’ve got an absolutely awful voice. My accent is rather screwed up, it jumps around alot. I’ll do a voice if I need to, you’ll just have to hear it. I’ll see if I can find somewhere to upload an audio clip. My host is for images only.


ila - You are the man! That looks fantastic! Love the look and colors on the first image. Button holes aren’t needed and I’ll get 4.5 PLE next week (I’m off from work on vacation and downloading it at home would take forever).

I’ll tell you what I know about making textures for models … use procedurals and flat shaders. Hehehehe. But, if you can unwrap it for me I’ll be more than happy to give it a try. (I should read up on Leigh’s texturing how-tos).

I should be getting more of the storyboards up this weekend. I have several penciled and I’m going back and forth to color some. Then, making webpages to display them … ugh I wish I had done these earlier.

Here’s what I have uploaded so far. It’s only 4 panels of the intro sequence. I’m just putting the link here so you can keep checking on it later. I’ll let you know again when I finish the whole thing.

And yes, I know these are very ‘complete’ for storyboards. I just wanted to provide more info than necessary since we’re all working on this without meeting face to face. I imagine working over the internet will have it’s challenges. We’ll have to tackle those one by one as they present themselves.

:thumbsup: Keep up the good work!


Kirt is there more than 1 engine on the ship? it looks like that on your story boards, and those drawings do help by the way :slight_smile:


Well, there are thruster engines located behind the cabin in that last panel of the storyboard. So, to answer your question … yes, there is more than one engine, but I didn’t plan that originally.

Whatever works best with the model. We don’t have to make it exactly like my storyboards, because I’ll most probably shortcut details here and there.

Sorry, if there are some inconsistencies … I concentrate on the story and camera more than the details of the models. :shrug:


Its all good i can add those if u want me too, i just didn’t know what those panels were in your sketches, then i saw the storyboard with flames coming out of them… By the way i recently just fixed the cockpit i noticed it was looking funny, and il add on the headlights if i have time tomarrow? Kirt did u get my last email by the way!? or were the files too big? my addy is: just incase its blocked or somtin… talk later.


Yeah, I got the image and everything looks good so far (except for the tail fin - which I mentioned already). I don’t really have anything else to critique on it at the moment. Keep working on it while I try and get some more illustrations done.

I know … reversed order of business there, but what can I do? My wife says I can’t quit my job and work on this full time. Something about bills to pay and food to eat. I’m not sure what she’s talking about. :shrug:


If you are using any type of Meshsmoothing(no idea what maya calls it) remove it from the modifier stack before you export. That should cut out a good bit of size. And it’ll be just the same if its smoothed on someone else’s copy of maya.


Hey! ila solomon! Really thanks for the offer! This project is very cool! but I really will not able to spend time on this! In fact, I have very few time for 3D and soon I will try to do something simple for me! :slight_smile:

But anyway! I will be here for comments and critics! but for the moment, the work you’ve showed it really rocks! :thumbsup:


Wow, what an excellent project :thumbsup:

A little suggestion for the ship: when the alienz have 3 eyes, wouldn’t it be more consequent to give the spaceship 3 engines? Like 1 extra on each side.
I think they’ll fit more together that way. Just a thought.

Cheers, Jeroen


Hey Kirt…Title is coming soon I promise. I had no time yet because I got my Cinema 4d R8 and worked out the new stuff in this version…also I´ve muuuuuuuuuuuch work in the Tattoostudio, what is good… because I bought me a Sony Trinitron TV with 29 INCH and a Wacom Graphire 2 board…WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! That second Wacom is absolute perfect!!!

SOON!!!:beer: :beer: :beer:



Yeah, Kirt, this project has really gotten off it’s feet and running…

If there’s anything you need me to do, just holler…


Jeroentje- Ya there r 3 engines, and i just figured that out lastnight, although i havn’t modelled them yet, Kirt in his concepts has them as flaps under the big engine in that back compartment.


ok here is my progres… again very slow :frowning:

kirt is it ok so far?
i am not sure ,are they legs legs or are they wear?
i didnt really understand it from the refernce…


Wiz - Definately put some pants on him. We don’t want any aliens running around “open-air”. I liked the one piece jumper design that Tommy Lee did (In this picture). Those end in shorts with kneepads and high boots.

Also, take another look at the ears … they’re not tubes like the first alien. They should actually be like holes in the side of his head. I don’t think we should define a neck on this guy either. Take his head down into his shirt and put that roll of fat at the back of his neck so that we know he has a neck … it just doesn’t show. Bigger eyes too. :smiley:


hey kirt,

I’m already doing too much 3d work as it is, but i recon you need a score for this animation? … normally, i’m composing music for my band, but this would be a great learning exercise.
If you want, I can send you some of the things I made for my band (well, not really a band, actually it’s me and a songwriter/singer ;)…


allright just holes? that would be easy :slight_smile:
hmm thanks ill fix everything else too!goodday