The audience will listen 1990, Gustavo Groppo (3D)


Title: The audience will listen 1990
Name: Gustavo Groppo
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hello friends!
This is my newest 3d work.
The theme is one of my favorite guitar players: Steve Vai.
The idea was to rebuild his Ibanez JEM guitar perfectly, with all the details on it, such as the “EVO” name written on the body and the “konx” tape on the pick ups, the plant inlay on the scale and of course all the components.
As always a fusion of max and Vray.
I hope you like it and waiting to share comments.


excellent work, love the model and detail :thumbsup:


Hi, it’s wonderful guitar, lighting and tex are greats and the camera is well-set. :eek:


wow! Great! My only crit would be the reflection on the pipe, seem’s off, maybe to strong. Still, wow!5 star work!


as much as i dont like Vai i love that guitar!!

awesome job on details
i like those cracks
i love the camera angle and composition


oh yeah some wire would be nice to see :slight_smile:



The detail is amazing. I love how you captured the feel. The texturing and lighting I think are top notch. Great job.


Excellent work! Except, you forgot to make the spaces between frets 20 and 24 scalopped :slight_smile:


great work you have done, i like it so much, :buttrock:




6 starts! just because im a big vai fan and owner of a jem7vwh myself

can u post more renders??


Hey Guss,

truly awesome Image, like it very much, especially the textures.
My only crit is that you can see the facets at end of the whammy bar, it’s a small thing to pick out of a great image.



Hey, nice to meet here some Vai fans! yeah, the evo. Initially was to be the “flower” patterned JEM, buti decided to represent EVO, I think it´s more traditional.

thank you guys for the nice comments!



good job …i like the materials and the rendering …


Good job! Quality render, very realistic. But if you wanna reproduce the real jem you must include the scalloped frets, the last four!! :wink:


WOW! Great scene! Love Vai too! Great represetation of his guitar.

Care to post a wire view please!?

Congrats, great work :wink:


wow thats beautiful… the texture on the pick guard is very cool, nice job


Pretty good stuff. Congratulations.


Great, GREAT image. But what I really love is your title for it.


“The audience is listening” is a Steve Vai’s song name.


Clean render n cool !


Very beautiful image man!! I really love the textures and render!
That’s perfect… 5 stars from me :wink: