The Ascend, Henning Ludvigsen (2D)


lovely lady I like the sparcles…seeya


Wow, this gave me a warm and peacefull feeling inside, when I saw it. Awesome work!


Not the detract from the piece, being totally awesome as it is, and its probably just my messed up imagination that made me think this, but it almost seems as if shes farting out all those little balls of light, judging from their direction and her pose…

im so…so sorry :rolleyes:

once again, awesome awesome work…


Looks very good, did you use Sandra Bullock as a reference? She really reminds me of her.

Great work.



This is a truly exceptional image and is beautifully rendered. I am particularly drawn to the tiny details of the sheer wrap. The texture there is remarkable, as well as the other details like the buckle and trim on the tunic.

There seems to be two light sources on her face, one directly from the front and another from the right or behind. It may make it more dramatic if one were a cooler light and the other a warmer light. Still, this is a fantastic piece. Keep up the great work!


Super work! I love the shading effect around her face. :wink:


Simply Superb :thumbsup:


Fabulous piece of work, greate job :thumbsup:


I never expected to get awarded… Wow! I am totally stunned! Thank you soo much for all your comments, I will take some time and answer as much as possible as soon as I get some spare time! I really appreciate this :slight_smile:



holy cow!!
dropped by again and just kept looking at her…
i love the fabric and the way its settled on her…

  • congrats for the award…wanna know what it feels like…


This is absolutely stunning! The skin, the material, her character…she looks as if she will come alive any second. I loved how you captured her in a moment of thought, there is a real character there. My only suggestion would be to make the clouds more realistic looking.

Really really beautiful art!! Great job!


wow man! Did you use any reference for the girl?


she is so sweet!! luv her!!
g8 wrk on clothes! g8 job as well !! :thumbsup:


Flott bilde Henning! Ikke så kunstnerisk som du sier, men mye bevegelse og følelser… Bra detaljert


Pretty picture, I like the look on the womans face.


she is beautfull… really could fall in love with here… and yeah its a great image… really cool…


Congrats man that picture its amazing I don’t know how you do it. My picture can’t compare to yours. Its so smooth and clean , it just looks amazing top work. And wow man you sure got alot of hits on this one. 98000+ wow


Cool, nice work, looking great!

Since when does Photoshop have native colors? :smiley:


Wow you did a great job.

I really like the face, and her clothing. They look amazing with lovely feelings.

No crits al all, Excellent!


If I may say so: FETT SOM FAEN :smiley:

Liked this a lot, althou there isn’t a lot of things going on in the middle of the pic, and that makes it look a bit like two pictures… Maybe you could tweak the proportions or placement of the pic. My first thought is a “Widescreen” type of composition…