The Ascend, Henning Ludvigsen (2D)


This is really great!! I would love to see an WIP of this picture!


not often you see someone try crimped hair in a piece.
very nice.


The girl looks like Sandra Bullock to me. Did you have a specific person in mind when you modeled the girl? Can we see some wireframes?

Very well done.


WOW nice work. I really like the personality in the face… the best faces are the ones that look like they have a person behind them and yours pulls that off nicely. I like the style you have in the hair, its much different than the average person and I like that.Hrmmmm oh the wrinkles in the skin are placed nicely, still young but have to have those real lines in there:thumbsup: the other things in it that i can see that looks really nice are actually the cloth type material that goes over her shoulder is done nicely and the strap for it… I like both

All in all very good work!:thumbsup: :bounce: :thumbsup:


Wow! Amazing job.
A couple things that I like, I like the color, the bronze kinda color tone. Very cool.
The second thing I like is that she looks “naturally” pretty. And what I mean by that is you look at the picture, she looks pretty, but not over/super model pretty. If that makes any sense. Also the soft tone on her face. Great job again!


Amazing drawing. u r really talented :eek:


I almost asked her for her name, until I realized there was glass between the two of us.
Remarkable work!! Keep it up!!!

I had to log in to comment on it.


I love her hair, Im very impressed. Very nice!


Everything is perferct… nice light, nice texture, the fabric and leather texture look really nice to me. I recommend you add some tiny hair detail, mostly on the top zone of the head.


Very nice… She is pretty…:thumbsup: :scream:


Wow! Awesome work!

She’s pretty! :scream:


beuatiful, congratulation:thumbsup:


very briliant work


she looks so passionate…amazingStuff_mate


Seldom reply on 2d work but this is Truly amazing… love the style, the clouds, and one of the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen. 5 stars for me. no doubt.


extremely beautiful picture, however the right eyebrow seems to be in the wrong position to me but then I`m no expert


Wow! great master piece!


It’s the first image that I can told that its perfect…

Nothing more…


nice girl…very cool…love it…nice colors btw


Yeah! I know, she is Sandra Bullock.