The Ascend, Henning Ludvigsen (2D)


Title: The Ascend
Name: Henning Ludvigsen
Country: Norway
Software: Photoshop

I started out making a clouded background with no real goal, and then I started another picture with a girl. Half way in the progress I tried the clouded background behind the girl, and decided to leave it there…
No real story behind this, but I think writer Alinta Brown describes this picture really well:
“It wasn’t fair, but then it never was. Her duty was to be the bridge, the gap taker, the soul bringer. As the day shone crystal bright around her, she leaned down and placed gentle hands on the child’s mind. Sadness bleek and unfathomably clothed her but with it the calm acceptance and slight joy knowing this child, one of many, would find comfort in her presence. Stars flashed, silver motes danced, and the soul was released to the sky. No, it wasn’t fair, but then it never will be.”
Made using Photoshop with an Art Pad. 3 evening.


Great face and fabric!



damn, that is super crisp looking. Excellent job.


Beautiful. That’s all I can think to say about it. :slight_smile:


Beautiful Work in the hair, the clothes and of course most of all the face, I love the way you make it shiny. finaly I guess each artist have a special POV for teh clouds.



As habashart said, the cloth, the hair and skin is really remarkeble. Out of the ordenarie.
I havent reached this level my self so I was just wondering how you beggin on a girl like this?
I would be really greatfull. :slight_smile:

Keep up the really good work there! :wink:






Yeah!!! very soft and detailed! great job!

Did you use photo ref? if yes could we see it please!! :slight_smile:


I know that one! - my favourite of yours :applause:


kick ass feel to this piece… very nice lighting too… :thumbsup:


I can see this going in the choice gallery! Congrats on a fine piece of work. Would love to see the steps you went through!


That is indeed very nice. I like it more than your other images.
I see you have a way of rendering skin in a very “metalic” way. That works in that specific piece but does bother me a bit in some of your other images. My quess is that you are using dodge tool for the highlights. That tends to make a core of pure white color in the midle of your specular area wich is a metal effect. I would also suggest the use of more non native colors. Very nice overall!!!


my favourite of you man! amazing


Oh my goodness. I fell in love with the hair just by seeing the thumbnail. It’s so smooth and detailed. (Someday I will be able to do hair like that). You are amazing. And the bronzed skin is gorgeous. You’re seriously talented. I’m going to most definately keep an eye on you. :smiley:


BRILLIANT work my friend, keep it up.


Now this is truely excellent. Much better than your other recent work. Great job.

Your command of transparency and material is excellent , furthermore the composition and parallel shapes of head and lights is very fitting.


Nothing to say, just enjoy the picture…


is fantastic work, i like light, concept and ambient


i like it alot, can you post a high resolution version of it?
i would like it as a wallpaper