The Artist himself, Piotr Wysocki (3D)


Oh man
another pic I can add to my ‘3D Photograph’ collection

nice work man…

u deserve 5 stars


Wow, that is amazing!

Great work!

5 Stars.


This is absolutely stunning work! :eek:


Good work…mate…almost real…:scream:
5 stars*****


ppft , the hair is the best iv seen… magnificent work here pal.
Nice attention to the eyes as well,


Insanse work, excellent in every detail. 5 stars :thumbsup:


that’s my boy !
Great work Fox. The eyes are definitly very good and alive (so rare in CG), and the hair are damn awesome. oh yeah, the least we can say !
The DOF you added is a good thing, it gives a nice softness.
No more probs for me considering the nose.

It’s good to see a very technical and hyperreel render, combined with your talent as a photographer.
Shall i mention you got my 5 stars for this one ?
cheers dude :smiley:


Amazing work! and I think thats one of the best cg eyes I have ever seen. Keep it up!



Great work my friend


man oh man, i had a double tae, and then a tripple, and a quadruple, can’t beieve thats cg man, unbelievable, truly truly impressive stuff.


Great work - what sort of lighting did you use??


Simply stunning! well done! I love the skin shader and hair settings! Very realistic. Could we see your reference photo?

I’m in awe, well done Fox !



Wow , man…!

Incredible work ! Super_realistic !
Wow !
Congratulations and 5 big stars…!:buttrock: :applause:


Fox, I admire you, your stamina and your patience:)
Great job!


One of the most photoreal character ever seen so far.



Thanks you all for watching, and coments :thumbsup:

Loic, especially i like your comments, thanx alot bro!!
Kicek, dzieki stary :slight_smile:
Nux, you should know how many coffe’s i had working on it :slight_smile:

INFINITE, reference picture is my avatar.
5 years ago or more my wife took picture of me, and it was the best picture of me ever.
some time ago Loic Zimmerman told me it would be great to see it in 3d.
so i did it :slight_smile:
this small avatar is the last copy of that pic i have , when i had hdd crash, i lost lots of things, also this picture.
so long storry short, i use my avatar as reference.


This is totally amazing! :smiley:
VERY well done. I like the artistic/photographer approach and the techincal quality speaks
for itself. 5 stars. :applause:


Hey Piotr. Wow! Did you paint the color maps, or did you use texture photos of your face?
5 stars by the way.


Awesome quaility texturing and lighting its unbelieveble…best of character render and texturing ever seen.



That looks excellent. Right now I’m making a self portrait too and I’m struggleing with Maya’s fur and hair. Hopefully I can come up with something half as decent as your. Congrats!