The Artist himself, Piotr Wysocki (3D)


Title: The Artist himself
Name: Piotr Wysocki
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Well, this image is my selfportrait.
I try to do something artistic, and realistic at the same time.
what should i say more, hmm…

I spend like one and half month on it, working by nights.
i use maya to create this image, maya fur, mentalray, and Zbrush 2.
photoshop for the textures and color correction.

here is screenshot form maya :


*AMAZING!!!:bounce:…looks alive man!:bounce:


wow, brilliant work. keep it up !!!..


You did amazing work! Have my admirations!


Unbelievable work. :applause: No words, only emotions.


Is that true or what???:eek:

                          *****Five stars*****


hey man I know you!
or not?
ok! ok! Italy have cange you, but this is incredible!:twisted:


Amazing realism! :thumbsup:


that’s very good!

five stars!!:eek:


Really really impressive! I love it!


Excellent work! Very well done! Congratulations!:thumbsup:


Wooow Piotr
Amazing . *****

Hamed katebi


wow,well done,fox.
very detail texture.
looks so cool.


Oh My God! Why is this not on frontpage? I have never seen something as real as this before. Is the wet hair also 3d? If so, thats spectacular!!!


very good work !

but, hmmm … hair is 3D ?


Nah, hair CANT be 3d!

Delicious! 5*


well done fox :), good to see ur still kickin it
i think the eye area is the best


thanks everyone for comments:)

Simone: its a british weather :slight_smile:

hairs are in 3d :slight_smile:
i use maya fur
here it proof :


:eek: 5stars :eek: incredible work, yes this is a frontpage stuff keep it up :thumbsup:


hehe incredible work !!! :slight_smile:

super znowu widziec cos Twojego :slight_smile: mam nadzieje ze bedzie cg choice :bounce: gdybym mogl to bym dal 10 gwiazdek :smiley: