The Art of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Hi Guys,

Below are some samples of the work that the talented team at Infinity Ward did for Call of Duty 4. I notice the thread going in general discussions so I figure we in return posted some of the work that went into it. All this are in game models. See you online.



Some more that wouldn’t fit in the ealier post.


very very awesome work, I-dub! The in game models are truly amazing. I had a good time working with u guys :thumbsup:


Great job guys. Love the models and lighting in the game.



Fantastic work by all involved. Loved the game (I love the series- well mostly 1,2 & 4 (especially 4)). I simply love the cinematic quality to the game, and the end (before the credits) is just so satisfying. Busy playing through for the second time on Veteran… did you have to make it so damn hard!!! :smiley:

Thanks for the great game. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

PS: I loved this article as well: POST-MORTEM: Why CoD4 Looks So Hot



Thanks for the image dump. This is something I’d like to see a bit more of actually. Over on you’ll get concept artists who worked on a title doing big dumps of their work once the game has released. Maybe we’ll start to see big posts of 3d assets.

Anyways, some great stuff in here…and to think, you guys are right down the road from me. San Fernando Valley FTW!!!


Haha… our image is on the front page …

Yes, this game is awesome and worthy to play… great job to our art team.



Herbert… Your helps made our game greater … thanks Herbert. Hope to see you soon…



this game is awesome, probably the best shooter i have played in many years.
That sniper mission in chernobyl is still my favourite so far!
congrats guys, :slight_smile:


I just picked up COD4 last night and I can’t wait to play it, it looks awesome. I spent the extra 10 bucks to get the collector’s edition because it came with a nice little hardcover artbook. If anyone here has it for the PC drop me a line and we can hop on a server together.


Me likely! The demo was intense, really looking forward to picking this up for PS3.

take care and thx for posting!



thanks for the pictures! great game, can’t stop playing it online [gamertag:heavyness]

the game is right up there as one of the best looking games [characters, animations, models, effects… all running silky smooth].


I love these threads, but I would love to buy an “art of Call of Duty 4” book even more!

There are art books coming out for both Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect, put out by Prima Strategy Guides. I bought the limited edition Gears of War guide (I didn’t need it) because it came with an awesome concept art book.

The images above are beautiful - any chance of seeing some published form of infinity ward concept and final game art?


Hi Guys,
Thanks for all the kind words. I’d love maybe get my hands on more stuff that people clear to show you guys. As an artist I always enjoy looking at stuff behind the scenes so i figure some of you guys would appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Awesome game, my girlfriend thought some of it were photos. :scream:

That death from above mission was particularly cool. Great job guys!!


congrats to IW!

Agree to heber, I feel COD4 is simply the best shooter i have ever played so far and will be my most favorite for a long long time! Really amazing from all aspects! Done playing the campaign which is crazyly intense, and now hooked heavily on the multi…heheheh!! Great job guys!

Now, i would really really love to see the SAS model too…thats actually my most favorite there! :thumbsup:



Bloody excellent stuff! I was gonna delay getting this for a month or 2 because of the recent flood of decent first person shooters (orange box, bioshock, halo) but i cant wait no more - gonna buy it this week :smiley:


yeah i want to see the sas model and the truck!

…and any other cool images you guys have.



I’ll see if i can track of the SAS stuff and put up. :slight_smile:


Great stuff guys! Loving all the work posted so far.Especially that heli pilot guy.

Wish I had some money to buy the game for PS3 :shrug: