The Ant And The Sugar, Nikolay Stoyanov (2D)


Title: The Ant And The Sugar
Name: Nikolay Stoyanov
Country: Bulgaria
Software: Photoshop

Hi there, this is my first thread here.
So Im presenting to You "The Ant and the Sugar". One of the Illustrations which I made for the Donald Bisset`s “Stories Collections”.

The techniques I used are mix from handpainted and Photoshop Illustration. I painted the main colours and the Sugar with acryl, and then I added all the detail in Photoshop. The original image is about 1350X1000, but here is about 25% smaller.

The Illustrations which I made for the book are 20, but this is the only one, which I made on the computer, The other are 100 acryl works.
I hope you like this one. :slight_smile:
I would be gratefull for your comments. Thanks!


I think more time could have been spent making the sugar actually look like sugar, as it is now they’re just white… cubes.

Love the ant though!


jlowgren -> Yeah I know, but I didn`t want to paint the sugar. I only wanted exactly to make it like cubes. Yaah maybe a little boring, but so I thought I would better focus on the Fat Ant :))


The contrast between the ant and the sugar is what I think I like best about this piece, aside from the ant’s relaxed posture. There is a whole lot of humor in this painting.


I wouldn’t have thought of it as sugar. The crystals are more like chamfered boxes actually, and have a nice specular if you see.

The ant is nicely drawn.


Mnogo mi haresva mravkata. I really like the ant, and the whole “chillin” pose that he has,and i’m agreed that the contrast of the suger and ant make the picture.


I also like the contrast between the dark ant and the white sugar cubes.

Psan, looking at your image, I think sugar “cubes” look different in India, than they do in Europe and other places around the world. Quite interesting to see such a difference in such a simple product as sugar cubes…




They are not sugar cubes, but tiny sugar crystals.
I dont know if they are indian, I just pasted the link from google :smiley:
Sugar cubes here are perfect cubes btw, just like in europe.


psan, you never know, food do look different in different parts of the world, but I can see now that they are little crystals, magnified… :smiley:

nickgod, you’ve got a few stars now! :slight_smile:


10x :))))))


Selfish ant. Nice entry but the sugar crystals looks more like cardboard boxes. :slight_smile:



Мравката много ме радва!!! Браво!

Nice Job!!!


ThanxXx for the comments to all of You :)))))
The nesx time I will paint the sugar too :R


Nice work you did there man :), could have worked more on the sugar cubes.


That ant is awsome…lol, Nick I’ve saw some other bugs drawn by you… you’re a crazy genius when it comes to those bugs man, GREAT job!!! :thumbsup:
I love the way he/she put his/her left leg on one of them sugar cubes sayin’ “Man…you’re next”…lmao :applause:


ThanxXx a lot Emilio. I`m glad that you liked it :))))


I like the fine sugary dust on its belly (I guess that’s what it is). The sugar pieces should be bigger than the ant itself, if you want to keep it realistic. If they are that small they should be crystals.


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