the amazingly simple animation question!


Ball. Spins 360 from keyframe 1-80. How do I keep the speed constant throughout?

I have tried going to motion panel and making both keys have ‘step’ in and out but its not doing anything. I am trying to find tutorials in max on how to use animation editor/curves etc but can’t find anything. So if anyone can give me a simple solution and/or tutorials to look at it would be much appreaciated!


Don’t use the ‘step’ one. That’s for giving an abrupt change, like the sphere stays in place from 1-79, then abruptly changes on 80.

Try using the one that looks like a fish hook. the ‘out’ one has a curve up, then a point, then a straight line coming out of it. Then on the lasat frame, it should be the opposite, the straight line going into the point.

Hope this helps.


Not quite sure which ones you meant…I saw one like a fishhook but there wasn’t a opposite version of it…I messed about with many possibilities and weirdly it worked with a double curve thing for both key frames in and out!!!..but anyway, I kept fiddiling and it went wrong again even with the same settings so god knows…

…and now…when I press 180 in the axis spinner it rotates about 5 even though I say 180?!..compleatly bonkers…making a ball spin is harder then getting a biped pick up a briefcase and drop it off…

max and rotations just don’t go together.


•go to the track view curve editor under Graph editors>track view curve editor… of course you gotta have your sphere selected the curve editor shows u the rotation curve

• drag select both keys (1-80) pick the “set tangents to linear” and thats it

If you animate the sphere further you can explore whit other tangents properties, if you want linear interpolation in the whole animation you may right click in the transform axis at the left and go to assign controller and pick linear float but if u do so the animation curve would be linear all the time for the transform you assigned, remember that rotation, position and scale have its own curves for each xyz axis

if you use max 6 the default key interpolation is Bezier float, i think is not bad.

• You can also use the “open mini curve editor” wich is before the time line down to the left

Hope it helps, once you use the curve editor you’ll find that it is not complicated

The Climax


Thanks, I didn’t mention that it took me ages to actually get the ‘ball’ going 360…last time I fiddled for hours until it worked and had no idea how it worked. I am trying with a new file but just can’t do it…what am I doing wrong?, this is what I am doing…

50 frames, auto-key…I goto frame 25 and rotate it 180 in Z axis in the Z spinner thing. I type 180 but it automatically changes to -180. I goto frame 50 and again type in 180 but it becomes -180. When played it rotates 180 in one direction and then spins backward 180 in another.

Is there a simple solution to make it go 360 in one swift movement?


Im new to 3d studio max, so I dont know if this works in other versions, but all I do is click auto key and then go to frame 50 and rotate the sphere 360 degrees. When I play back the animation, it rotates around in 50 frames. You could also try using the angle snap and rotate it around 180 degrees for frame 25 and then for frame 50. That way, you dont need to type anything in and get the negative number.

Hope this helps.


Thanks vogonpoet, never used the angle snap before…


Yeah, there are just so many buttons, its easy to get lost in them. The user reference and the manual are great places to research what things do.


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