The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spidey Suit Reveal


Nailed it.


Love it! I’ve always loved the McFarlane take on Spiderman, and the Ultimate look. Pretty cool to see that in live action!


Looks like they went back to full classic spidey.


Except for the heels…Spidey wears lifts?


Makes sense.

If your powers depend on an intimate contact between your skin and the surface it’s trying to glue itself to, what better than to put 5 centimeters of wood inbetween?


I think Tom Cruise is in the suit.


Have always wondered about that with almost all versions of the suit…I mean fine, it works through fabric gloves, but full shoes?

Though I think there was a version once where he had bare hands and feet and it looked completely stupid, so, there you go.

Tom Cruise in the suit would be great… “Hey Rhino! You look stressed! Why don’t you come in and take a free thetans test!”


Ah, not bad, considering it took them 4 movies to give him web shooters :wink:


Even in Comics theres always the sensation that Spidey is wearing some kind of shoes beneath the suit. We can see the bare feet when he changes, but as soon as Spidey is on full suit they don’t look like bare feet with only some fabric covering them.

Its the way its been drawn all these years, doesn’t really bother me.

I prefer this Costume since its more original to the Comic’s, even though in reality the Original Costume was Black and Red, the Blue was to give the feeling of Specular reflection, but it kept being used more and more until it became that deep Blue.

Still don’t like the honeycomb pattern though…


Glad we can finally get back to some serious discussions after all that R&H nonsense. :rolleyes:

(and I guess the suit looks okay for a magical rubber suit - what do I know?)


Looks like that spider had a problem making his web all quads.


That would be the least of your problems with a spider superhero.


I don’t know what the hell I just watched but it was the best thing ever.


Sorry, i didn’t realise that fun was cancelled because what happened at R&H.




One of the comment was right though. He’s not a spider, he’s a spider man. So he have spider best part, but not necessarily a complete spider.

Just like Blue Tomato

So it’s a tomato with high anthocyanin and blue color, but not necessarily have other blue berry properties.

Therefore the cartoon is not scientifically accurate either, since if it accurate, then it have to behave like blue tomato, which is to say, just like to comic spiderman.


That analogy is spot on!


Phil Spiderman?


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