The amazing Dynamics\Fluids reference and inspiration thread


@Howard… thats awesome …first i thought - looks like cg - but has so much detail… great reference

here is one too

cheerz =]



this may be the mother of all slo-mo’s :wink:



look for the explosions & Lot of other good stuff in HD…Enjoy !


Paint Explosions :


& the super awesome…mother of all references for Nuke explosion :

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Sorry if this has been added already…

Can we make the titles or descriptions a bit more detailed? Just adding a link and saying awesome does not inspire me to look, sorry but time is short.



Meteors :


Ops! Didn’t thought that it will have such resonance. :slight_smile:


Check out the perspective on this shot, it looks very CG


Super slow motion bridge explosion:


A LOT of explosions:




Fantastic this timelapse



Firing an AK-47 under water:



Honey Coiling


Recently I actually started Dynamics in class, these references were really helpful for my projects, acting as good stellar guides and reference material to be used.

These were really fun to make and looked nice, I enjoyed the explosion and volcano, they both went over rather smoothly with dynamic particles. I would love to more fluids to use as reference for dynamics

I do wish I had something to contribute back, but most the good things I have in my reference material folder already seems to be here. I do hope that this thread continues on and will post up more great material to come.