The amazing Dynamics\Fluids reference and inspiration thread


here is a sight i use for fluid reference all the time some great videos on here!


for the pyro in all of us!

someone should archive all of these before they get removed…


at the very least this is entertaining


Thought this looked pretty cool in places, if you can ignore the teeth.

A new music video for “Ritalin” by Dancing Pigeons which features an epic Redneck duel between a flame thrower and a fire extinguisher. The video was shot almost entirely on a Phantom camera at 1000fps.



i like your Volcano…



nice thread! keep looking forward…


Pixar - Volume Visualization on Image Computer (1987)




Hello Everyone!!!Today i m going to give a taste of science to all of you…You know it will be a fun…ooooooh…Booom…So here is cool experiment did by most popular Steve Spangler…

Spooky Halloween Beverage
Liquid Nitrogen Explosion
Fire Tornado
Dry Ice Fun
Exploding Egg
How to Make Giant Smoke Rings
Insta-Snow Erupts
Fun With Liquid Nitrogen
Exploding Watermelon
Cornstarch Walk on Water
Growing Creatures
Instant Freeze - Soda Ice
Methane Mamba
Thermite Reaction - Smash! Bang! Boom!
True Colors
Elephant’s Toothpaste
Genie in a Bottle
Cloud in a Bottle
Color Changing Milk
Liquid Light
Atomic Slime


Really nice thread !!
My turn ! : )

There are already lot of fire explosion /fire reference so now , let see some water !

Slow motion waves and surfer :

Spray and splashes :
Bear :

Shark :

Jumps in puddles :

Enjoy !


if you can find the original, the opening titles to Wild At Heart have some really nice fire reference!


A recent volcano eruption in Japan with thick black billowing clouds and internal lightning:
Mount Shinmoedake volcano



Youtube: Snow explosion




Hello Everyone,
As our job is related to physics,Chemistry & biology,so It will be good to keep info on real world science.Below documentry film is to give you new imagination in your life.And i hope after watching this you will add unbelievable things like albert einstein in your work.So tighten your seat and watch carefully.All the best

Link To Documentry

Please Give your opinion And all of above info & theory are already described by many Indians philosopher thousands year ago.So if you are in interested to know more then message me.Thank you


Nice slow motion and normal speed camera fire and water ref :

That is very cool!


nice -