The amazing Dynamics\Fluids reference and inspiration thread


Hi guys,

This thread is to post videos of reference videos you come across on youtube\vimeo\etc. Lets all try to post as often as we can and it will grow into a nice resource for everyone.

I will update this post with most up to date links as the thread gets bigger.


Apollo 13 V Saturn rocket launch (Thanks Howard M):

Big Island Volcano:


lol no worries, you could of just made my thread sticky!
i had such high hopes for the lil bugger…

lookin forward to all the cool reference footage!


Sweet reference can be found here. Thanks go to my friend James!


heres a direct link to the video page -
so much good stuff!


Amazing smoke/explosion/flames/pikeys reference:

Smoke Reference



7 minutes of amazing volcano footage from that iceland volcano whose name I cant spell:


Various slow motion reference.

Slow motion fire.



My turn.




Some more Eyjafjallajokull (Iceland volcano)… some shots of the lightning blow my mind.


…and some more


Some amazing closeup hidef videos of the sun courtesy of Nasa.


now this is freakin cool!


hehe thats fun to watch Howard,

found this in the fumeFX thread:



Nvidia PhysX and Graphics Tech Demos

[NVIDIA PhysX Nurien Tech Demo](

Nvidia GF100/ Fermi Hair Demo

Raging Rapids Ride PhysX demo


A higher resolution video of a burning SUV

Gasoline Fireball at 1000 FPS

House exploding at 1000 FPS


A few explosions in real time and slow mo:

Large train fire and explosion

Slow mo car explosion with visible shock wave


Horizon deepwater oil rig fire and sinking images: