the aim constrain of my cartoon eyeballs doesnt work


I deformed the eyeballs using a lattice
what I’m doing is this:
a. smooth bind the eyeballs to the hade joint
b. parent every part of the eyeball (my eyeball made of 3 parts) to the one part of the eye (pressing ‘p’)
c. create aim constrain
d. create lattice
e. group the lattice and the base lattice
f. parent constrain the lattice to the base lattice

but the problem is that the eye get out of the face when i move the aim constrain…
how can i do this so that my carton eyeball won’t lose his shape during the movement of the aim constrain??


a couple thing might be wrong in your setup.

  • c. create aim constrain
    <<< if the mesh have a skin cluster( smooth bind to the head joint) and it’s parent(group) has been constrained. The result is like what you described. I suggest you create joint for the eye, right at the center of the eye ball. smooth bind the eye to that joint then aim constaint to the control.

  • f. parent constrain the lattice to the base lattice
    <<< with lattice, you are going to have to create clusters to control lattice points. once you finished creating clusters for points you need to control, create another one cluster for points you didn’t, too. group all your cluster with the base lattice then parent constraint that group to the head joint. keep the lattice where safe, it should follow the head, because all its clusters do.

hope this helps, excuse my english :smiley:


Don’t know what software you use but here is a complete tutorial on achieving a cartoon eye rig with Softimage.


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