the agents, pascal blanché (3D)


Title: the agents
Name: pascal blanché
Country: Canada
Submitted: 23rd April 2014

an illustration I made for a kickstarter project:


Damn. I love it.


awesome work as usual, i love the color scheme used.


Very cool. Love the rank xerox feel to your work. Very heavymetal. I wish they would commission you to do a series of covers.


Great work, your use of colour reminds me of Richard Corben


Way kewl. I also agree about Heavy Metal-But I’m thinking this piece nods even more towards Richard Corben myself…
I happened to go to art school in the area-so we did an on-sight visit to his studio back in the 80’s. Ah memories.


I think what I love the most on this (great) piece, is the character´s pose. It looks so natural.


Wow, such a great sense of color/value.

Also really love the hands, very natural.


The image look “”“sober”"" and so nice.
I just love it.
If I had to animate her, she would just ask for intense animation action.


Great image! :bowdown:
You have a real unique style and that is unique in 3d illustrations.
I see she has skin colored neck so I guess she stod to close to an exploding blue spray can, or something like that. :arteest:
The Corben comment is a good observation I think. His stuf was also a bit wired and wonderful as this is.


thanks for the kind comments guys, yup, big Fan of R.Corben too! damn… would kill to visit his studio!
as for the Heavy metal cover… can’t say much now but yes, it is going a tick on my list crossed soon!


Makes me wonder what her face will look like? Well done!


What Stoer said :slight_smile: Very cool, very powerful and though a still very dynamic.


Strangely sexy!


Nice Job Pascal.

I like the collors.


Captivating… 2 days and still looking at it.


Great poise and structure. Very atmospheric. Love this. Excellent.