The 3ds MAX game: Apples or Oranges!!


Well what can I say, it’s finally here, the unofficial 3ds MAX game- “Apples or Oranges”.
Just download and drop it into the perspective viewport and play.
The file is very small, about 5 Kb because everything in the game is handled directly from within 3ds max. Pretty hardcore…enjoy.



hey… , i want my apple , why did you destory my apple ???


LOL Rivendale, very original. A very nice… retro game :smiley:

What’s next, a maxscript based pacman game using PFlow and a Find Target operator? :slight_smile:

If you want more mxs practice you could build the mesh from scratch by using data you got from a pre-made mesh. And now using polyOp methods (like polyOp.createVert) instead of mimicing the viewport workflow. That way you can also avoid showing the modify panel which will speed things up considerably (max create mode). Now there’s a challenge!

We want more games! :thumbsup:



Thanks people…I have a feeling this is going to be big…everybody will want it…Alias, XSI you name it.:deal:


Rens Heeren- Thanks…yes this was a bit of pratice for me, I’m not really a coder but I’m trying to learn some, heh. Maybe next time I will dig a bit deeper.



LOL, that’s pretty good:thumbsup:


dizzl8r- Thanks man, you’re right it’s pretty good.

I’m thinking my next game could be tetris…using reactor dynamics. Or maybe bowling…with teapots. :wink:



LOL! Man, what was that??!! You really had some extra time on your hands there.:slight_smile:
Tetris would be cool though, or 3D Snake.


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