The 15yr Anniversary Challenge with Igor Tkac


Hows it looking?


Just waiting on our last grand prize sponsor and we will unlock it all and get this thing going! We already have a total of 30 winning prize postions for users with 12 Big prize packages. I think this will make the wait worth while and the challenge rewarding. Thanks for checking in.


The greater suspense before - the greater emotions later ;). But yeah… it’s a killing machine. I hope it will start before our rocket engins explode! :slight_smile:


Really cant wait for this, the suspense is maddening.
Been a long times since the last one I entered and I am itching to go with this topic.


T-24 hours and counting. I think!

Final logo for THRUST. I’ve managed to get the concept ships logo in there as well as the number 15 for CGSociety’s anniversary. Thanks everyone. I hope to see you on the challenge boards soon!


I just got my wacom working again, this is great news! :smiley:


Great Thrust Logo!

I’m in Challenge to.
delight to Conquest Frontier Wars, Mantis and Terraner Style.


Alright alright! So close now.
Ship design isn’t even my forte by a long shot but I’m excited to see a new challenge whether I’m competing or watching.


10, 9, 8…


Nice work on the logo Igor. :slight_smile:

This is going to be an awesome contest. :smiley:


First time CGSociety poster, longtime IgorBlog lurker/fan. I’m excited to get my toes wet.
(also on the root post, “Enzo Vito Aersospace Engineer”)



Get a head start! To enter this challenge you will need a FLAG, real or imagined. This flag will need to be on your first post and visible on your final space ship or pilot to represent your country. Choose national pride or earn points for starting your own nation!


Tombery and TOBER, Thanks! I’ve worked hard on it. I think it still needs a layer of space in the very background.

@WyattHarris, I see that airship in your portfolio:)

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with, I will be right there building a ship with all of you.


Very good challenge idea and logo. I’am in too.
Can’t wait to see your work guys !


Shouldnt the CgSociety ‘CHALLENGE’ link point to the Thrust Challenge? Its still pointing to the TEN challenge.



When the site goes live it will;)

Glad you are checking.


Hello everybody. Just wanted to let you know that We have a direct to garment printer here at our shop and I will personally print up 20 American Apparel tees with winning entries on them and space ship them anywhere in the world!

For anyone interested, my Concept Ships website project was fully funded by my T-Shirt shop. I’ve had it for twenty years and that is how I learned to design websites, logos, motion graphics, SEO etc…etc…

Looking forward to it!!!


[B]click on the challenge bar, or go to read the rules and post in the forum to get started.

Remember you will need a flag of your own making or a conceptual Flag for your first post.

Paul Wilson was the first created flag and just won a t-shirt! we plan on giving away several small prizes through out the competition.

Our site is new and we will be stress testing and updating a few components over the next few days as well as making it more functional for mobile.

Tomorrow our offical newsletter and invite goes out but beat the slow pokes to it and go check out the prizes.

Thanks for the wait and good luck![/B]


I don’t see any big clock ticking anywhere, as well as start date, but… considering that categories are defined already… may we launch our computing machines and start designing ships (or pilots)? :slight_smile:


P.S. Ignore that silly question in the title of my (not too bright) post - I’ve just read this (with understanding this time :wink: ) :
“(…) Tomorrow our official newsletter and invite goes out (…)”.

Yeah… Sorry for disturbing turbulence. I will go now and start to contemplate the silence…


A few Qs:

  1. Can the ‘starfighter’ design be a scout, exploration or medical vehicle? I have a concept I’d like to explore, but would only weaponise it if necessary for the competition rules.

  2. Can you have entries for each category and multiple entries for each category? If so can you base the character design on one of your own ship designs instead of teaming up?

Thanks to all those involved with organising this competition. :slight_smile: