The 15yr Anniversary Challenge with Igor Tkac


Hey!! I see some familiar avatars here!! This will be pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing all the details.


How about a call-sign, like CGS-15THR?


We are so glad to have you on board Enzo. Welcome!

More details coming soon jspoon.

Exbendable, love CGS-15THR!


Wednesday the 6th we will announce the official launch date and further details …were busy getting together some awesome prizes now with a lot of support coming in…


Exciting! Im new to 3D but im jumping on this!!


OH man, so exciting! My first ever participation in a CG contest, and it’s about the coolest thing in the world?? SO totally participating!! :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


Fantastic, can’t wait to see what you come up with! Official announcement coming shortly. A little concept graphic to get the juices flowing. See you soon!



In that THRUST animation, It appears like you’re using the bell of an Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25, a staged combustion Liquid Hydrogen/Liquid Oxygen engine commonly known as the Space Shuttle Main Engine used on the Space Shuttle as well as the upcoming Space Launch System.

The exhaust plume is incorrectly animated however. Combustion begins in the combustion chamber (which isn’t shown in the animation) and then exits through the engine bell nozzle. Depending upon the exit pressure of the nozzle and the ambient pressure, the plume will be either appear underexpanded (large plume) or overexpanded (small plume). The top picture in this picture is an underexpanded nozzle followed below by a perfectly expanded nozzle, an overexpanded nozzle, and then a grossly overexpanded nozzle. A perfect expansion (2nd from the top in the picture) is when the engine reaches its optimal operating altitude where the ambient pressure = exhaust pressure.

If the thrust animation was contained inside the bell, it would add to the realism.


Thanks. Yeah, something would be very wrong if the flame went that far up:) I will post something a lot cleaner shortly. Thanks for the insight!


Igor Looks Very, Get it fired up…COOL!

Enzo, Love you man haha…As a Judge of technically correct you just gave everyone a example of what to expect! Honored to have your expertise:)

Looks like we can add Houdini Artist to the challenge!!!


Now that I’ve nailed down what I’m gonna try and do for this, I’m getting antsy waiting for it to start.

Any idea when we’ll get a date for it?



Herp derp, I knew I was overdue for looking dumb on the internet. Looks like there’s my weekly quota filled


It’s the 6th so… any new info?


[LEFT]Thanks for checking in we are working away at getting
everything ready to go .We have several sponsors
finalizing details before the official launch next week.

Here is a peak at some of the sponsors helping us with

Several More to come.[/LEFT]

Pixologic Zbrush
Quixel 3-4 copies EXCLUSIVE
Mega Scans 3-4 copies
Anatomy Next Anatomy
Concept Art Workshops
Game Art Institute

Hang in there with us while we set up
a challenge worth spending time on.


Travis and I are working hard to bring you the best experience possible. Hang tight!

Elaborated on my previous vector logo. Drafted out splines and extruded a disc over them to make tubes. Totally Tubular font? I’ll add the thrust flame later today. I’ll also try and add a nice background image that will compliment this challenge. Thanks!


Looks great! Cant wait for the final


Thanks Enzo… Soon!

THRUST logo work in progress. I would like the logo to transition from a NASA feel at the bottom to a sci-fi spaceship in space 2d painting towards the top. Maybe throw Mathias’ ship in there. I think it would be cool to have the sponsor logos around the flame in grey… Straight CGTalk style:) More to come later today!


Great idea.
Long time there was no competition on the space theme.
Well done.
I definitely want it !!!


The suspense is killing me!