The 15yr Anniversary Challenge with Igor Tkac


THRUST: CGSociety’s 15th year Anniversary Challenge
It’s out of this World!

Going Pro
Like the first piece of your portfolio. Strive for perfection

Igor Tkac & Travis Bourbeau

Gurmukh Bashin Star Citizen

George Hull
Bladerunner 2, Jupiter Ascending, Elysium, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Star wars 8

Daniel Simon Space X , Disney Imaginee​r​ing, Oblivion

Nick Pugh Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, X- Men First Class, RIPD,

Harald Belker Anki Drive, Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion​, Star Trek Into Darkness​

Fausto Di Martini Robocop 2014, Transformers 4, Star Wars 7, Avatar Sequels

John Park Brainstorm, Captain America, Avatar 2

Sam Brown
Sr Concept artist Massive Black, Halo 5

Kemp Remilliard Star Wars 7 Cross Sections, G I Joe Killzone 2

Kory Hubbel Halo 4, Halo 5, Wildstar

Heikki Antilla Blur Studio,Halowars, Force Unleasshed Far Cry 3,

Technically Correct

Judges come from places like MIT , Aerospace…

Barmakh Heshmat Researcher at MIT, with a ph.d in photonics

David Levy
Assassin’s creed, Tron Legacy, Prometheus, Avatar Sequels

Enzo Vito
Aersospace Engineer

Encho Enchev Ghost recon SW, Assassin’s creed III liberation, A.C. IV Black Flag,Tom Clancy’s the division

Mathias Verhasselt Senior Cinematic Artist at Blizzard Entertainment

Tom Alfaro
Research Scientist at Schafer Corporation, DARPA, Air Force

Michael Interbartolo New Business Development NASA

The Right Stuff
Character Design, and Consistency

Kevin Lanning Epic Games

Josh Herman
Legacy, Naughty Dog, Marvel

Adam Skutt, Naughty Dog, Epic Games

Ian Joyner Legacy, Warner Bros, Marvel


Awww yeah!! It’s on! So looking forward to this.


So the question on the table is can Judges enter the challenge for sport without the eligibility for prizes? Let’s here it


I would say “Why not?” If the judges have the time and desire to enter the challenge I would definitely say yes. I don’t know how the actual contest will be run but if you have threads showing how professional level artists work, it can’t help but be a good thing for all contestants.


I’m in ! :bounce:


Can’t wait for this!!!


This is amazing news! That is an amazing line up of judges. :bounce:


Those the wish to compete in the Technical field will be judged on a level of realism and functionality in design while maintaining a level of appeal for film games or marketing

Barmakh Heshmat a researcher at MIT, with a ph.d in photonics which is a subfield of electrical engineering working on optics and advanced imaging systems …That’s right!

David Levy -Assassin’s creed, Tron Legacy, Prometheus, Avatar Sequels

Enzo Vito- Aersospace Engineer

Mathias Verhasselt- Senior Cinematic Artist at Blizzard Entertainment

Image Credit Encho Enchev


This challenge sounds great! The Imperial fighter concept above is mine :slight_smile: and I want to thank you that you are showing my work as an example.
My name is Encho Enchev and I work in Ubisoft as a senior 3D artist and designer.
You can find more of my artworks here:
Thank you again and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Happy to be involved. In the very early 2000s CGtalk was huge inspiration and really a revolution to me. I studied in design school - not in a CG school and having access to knowledge and feedback through online community had a boost that is hard to describe.

Since than a lot has evolved and the access to “cool stuff” has become more and more accessible. To me CGTalk is a big part of where my CG career came from (before it had to rely on news groups…)

Anyway let the challenge begin… …in a bit :slight_smile:


Hello CGS,

 Questions, just Questions   :shrug: 
  1. Does the ship have to be a Space Ship? Or, can it be any kind of ship?

  2. Will the life aboard/around the ship matter at all? Or, is this strictly a ship designing contest?

Thank you so much!

  • Bergquist


Questions, just Questions

  1. Does the ship have to be a Space Ship? Or, can it be any kind of ship?
  2. Will the life aboard/around the ship matter at all? Or, is this strictly a ship designing contest?

Good Questions!
1 Any kind, This is what sets you a part from the crowd, satellite, drone, barge, rocket,fighter, comercial, emergency…

2 The challenge is based off Igors blog here This is pretty much the variety we are looking for

There will be some guidelines to constrain or dictate design from Igor and the Judges.
e.g. You may enter with character design by creating a pilot,mechanic etc alongside someones ship.
no more hints than that yet, don’t want to give anyone a head start

Once all judges have been announced we will post details for play.
Prizes are paramount, having the maximum amount of chances to win is very important to us.
Stay Tuned


This is exciting! Can’t wait for to begin


Looking forward to the entries ! like the good old days ! :applause:


Hello everyone. My name is Igor and I run Concept Ships.
I am so incredibly honored and excited to be involved in this spaceship art contest celebrating CGSociety’s 15th anniversary. Thank you Travis Bourbeau!

It’s amazing to see my name at the top of the judges list with so many artists that I have grown to know and love over the years running my blog. So many of you have sent in concept art images to me and I can’t thank you enough for that. Concept Ships could not exist without you!

This is an amazing opportunity for us to get to know each other better and inspire each other to create the best possible spaceship render possible. Thank you judges for inspiring me to make my dream project a reality and taking the time to inspire and facilitate this contest!

Travis and I are in the final stage of fleshing out THRUST: A concept spaceship art competition. Finalizing the assignment and direction now. Details will follow shortly.

I encourage all judges to paint or model along side the contestants. I think it would be inspirational as well as educational to everyone including me. I can’t wait to paint along with guys like Mathias, David, Daniel and everyone else who participates.

Let’s use this platform to THRUST our skills to the next galaxy! Stay tuned!


Looking forward to seeing the details of this! Sounds very nifty :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
Finishing up the header for THRUST: A Concept Spaceship Design Competition. Here is a header for the contest. Let’s put it at the top and we might replace it with the final version the day before the contest begins. I will add sponsors logos above the ship as they become available. Thanks Mathias for letting us use your dynamic image!

If anyone has any input on the graphic, please feel free to chime in.

In the final stages of filling in the category details. I will post those soon. I’d love some input on them so we can get as versatile entries as possible.

Also, I’m thinking all ships created should have a number 15 somewhere on them to celebrate’s 15th anniversary!


Great job Igor. This is going to be epic!


Thanks Manny! So honored to be involved in such an amazing event with all of you.


Hey everyone,

I’m Enzo Vito, I’ll be a judge in the ‘Technically Correct’ category. I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ and my specialties are in space and rocket propulsion and orbital mechanics. I look forward to seeing your guys’ designs!

I don’t want to give too many hints, but a useful resource for this category without getting overly technical is this website.

I’m here as a judge but I’ll also be perusing around the forums and checking out designs and consulting on design realism.

Thanks and good luck designers!