Thanks for the memories


I didn’t want to just disappear without saying thank-you. My last day at Autodesk is this week and I’ll now be doing some consulting while sailing our home to southern ports.

For me, the most rewarding part of the job was simply reaching out and talking to you all. I wasn’t always welcome and what I had to say wasn’t always what people wanted to hear, but I felt most of you gave me a chance to say my piece and over time, it seemed that some trust was established. I know that while I was involved, we were always fighting a battle to do the most we could for you all. I realize that we didn’t always deliver to your expectations, but we were always trying to do the most with the resources we were given.

The 3ds Max development team is really one of the best that I’ve worked with over the years and the leadership there has been a big part of the success we’ve had. I’m sure they are looking at how they can continue to raise the bar.

I don’t know what the future brings for 3ds Max as I’ve been out of the loop for awhile. I wish to believe that Autodesk will reward your passion and enthusiasm with a product that matches or beats your expectations. I know I tried to.

I’ll be sitting on the sidelines (or on a beach) watching the future unfold. I really wish you all the best of luck. I’ll miss the conversations.


Hello, Ken!
Thanks a lot for all your work and all the best for your future.
I always liked when you came here.

Good luck!


Wow Ken! You really are a gentleman aren’t you? I thank you for all the attention you gave to us throughout these years. Be sure that all the critics you received were not targeted at you but at the company and its decisions about 3dsMax. I really appreciate the way you tried to reach the users even if you had no obligation to do it. You are, and will always be, very welcome here.

Wish nothing less than great things to come your way.



Hi Ken!

It was really great having you around here, was nice to have a human face to put on the Max development team, even if it sometimes might have made you a target :slight_smile: although a lot of people may not have liked directions and things happening with Max’s development, I think everyone really appreciated the effort you made. I don’t think Autodesk should underestimate the goodwill that your work here has brought them.

All the best for your future endeavours!


Yo Ken! Best of luck on your new endeavours! It was a real pleasure working with you, really. May the Force be with ya!! :slight_smile:


Good luck Ken!


Go on Ken, spill the beans, let everyone know Max is being developed by just 5 monkeys with type-writers :wink:

Good Luck, and thanks for saying goodbye.


Best wishes as you enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle. Know that the efforts you made to reach out and communicate were appreciated, and are missed these days.


Thank you, too, Ken and best of luck!


Hi Ken,
was fun working with you, i’m sitting on another beach watching the future unfold

all the best for your future


Hello, Ken!

Good luck for your new life :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for all your work for MAX and all the best for your future.


Thanks Ken, it’s been great that you’ve been around to listen to users and give us info on 3ds Max development. Hope you have a good time sailing, you deserve it.


Hi Ken,
it was a pleasure to know you, both in your role as devils advocate as well as behind the scenes.
All the best in your future ventures, hopefully our ways will cross again one day!



Thanks Ken, it was a pleasure to meet you. Have fun and good luck on your new challenge.


You will be missed, Ken, and your huge effort opening up towards the users has made quite a mark! Enjoy the oceans and good luck!


It was great meeting you in person and being able to share incite from a user perspective with you.

Happy sailing to you and your family on your voyage



Be well Ken, your efforts and communications were appreciated. We’ll miss you.


It was a great time and honor, you were just a such great and pro-communicative 3ds Max PM.
Thanks for all of that and i wish you all the best for all your future adventures.

to wave farewell, here’s a nice old fashioned piece of german music that fits the mood and your sailing endevours. The songtext even transports a fitting message :slight_smile: )



Thanks Ken and good luck with what ever you end up doing.


Thanks for everything!

Particularly thanks for letting us know that there was someone alive behind the magic curtain. It seemd before you had come to visit the forums that any user interfacing with any behind the scenes with max was merely myth or lore. Thanks for opening that door for us.

Many happy sunsets! If you are not already, I expect you to be a seasoned tier of knots and finder of treasure before too long :slight_smile: