Thanks, California. You've made another day a living treasure for me. (rant)


Thanks for clicking, the follow story may not be for the faint of heart:

Let me give you a little bit info about myself. I moved to California for almost a year. The only thing I have here is my family. I have no friends inside or outside of work and school. All my friends are back in the state where I moved from. The only way of contact is via phone or email.

Today, while I was heading back home. I decided to go to subway to grab a bite to eat. The lounge inside were filled, so I went outside to eat at the front patio. That’s when it happened.

Two girls walked up to me, and our conversation went something like this:

girl 1 “Do you have any money that I can have”
Me “No, I don’t, sorry”
girl 2 “Can I have your sandwich”
Me “No, I’m sorry”
girl 1 “Please, we’re hungry”
me “Here, have this bag o’ chips”

So they took the chips and they, along with a third girl, invited themselves to sit at my table.

girl 1 “I’ll help you finish that sandwich”
me “I’m good, thanks”
girl 1 “can I have a sip off your drink”
me “… sure”

Then followed by a few more questions regarding my disease history and the straw that she’s sipping off of. Then few more other questions and finally:

girl 1 “Can we get a ride to **** and ****”
me (already saw this coming) "sure, you could’ve just ask.
girl 1 “thanks, cause (turn around and screamed) people in LA are @*****es”
me “so how many?”
girl 1 “just us and my brother”
me “Sure”

So finish up eating, cleaned up, and off we go.

girl 1 sat in the car while we waited for the others:

girl 1 “we’re just waiting for my boyfriend and friends” “boyfriend” refers to the “brother”
me (pretty much past the point of caring) “sure”

Throughout the ENTIRE car ride, they are 1)questioning my sexual preference/history, 2)my taste in music, 3)digging through my car, 4)being loud and obnoxious. Mind you that I found out she had a bottle of Barcardi in her bag after we start driving.

girl 1 “do you want a drink? it’s good to have a drink before driving”
me “No thanks, I can hang just fine without it”

So a few agonizing miles later, we arrived at the destination. Dropped them off and I left.

Conclusion, this lession costed me 11 CDS that they stole out of my cd case. Not randomly, but carefully selected. So I guess the lesson here is that if someone like that approach me again, I should act like an asshat. But my personality wouldn’t let me do it. I guess I’m just weak.

This encounter just made me realize just how alone I am in California again. I can’t sit down with my friends to talk about this. I’ve endured this loneliness for almost a year now. I think that it’ll still hurt no matter how hard I try to supress it. But instead I went to see “the village” alone. I guess we take having friends physically there for granted sometimes.

Thanks for reading my experience. And sorry for being so long. There were a lot more, but I condensed it as much as I can. Other hurtful things were asked, but I left them out. If it seems like that I’m weak and can’t “handle” life. Maybe I am.

If this is inappropriate, please delete. Thank you


that sucks man…another reason why you never hear anyone say ‘I just can’t WAIT to get back to Los Angeles.’


Hey man, first of all - I feel for ya’. Secondly, don’t worry - you’ll laugh about this some day. I live in Silicon Valley, but I grew up in the midwest (also lived in NYC for a number of years). And yes, there are more assholes in bigger cities - a sort of statistical inevitability.

You sound young, things will get better. I actually enjoy seeing movies by myself - doing things by yourself will give you more confidence later in life.

And I’d like to finish by saying your post epitomizes what makes CGTalk better than your average board. Although the community is growing quickly, the CG community has always been close and I’m sure that there are people here who feel your pain. Maybe somebody will buy you a drink at Siggraph : )




Man, come on. Be thankful they didn’t kill you. I mean, that sucks about your CD’s, but it could have turned out a lot worse.

Go rent this film:

The Hitcher


that sucks man, but you should know better than to give random chics rides in LA.


Well unlucky dude,

Sh!t happens and unfortunatly with the way the world is at the moment you can only trust most people as far as you can throw them.

This is about the 50th bad story about places people live, so your not alone, theirs trailer trash scum every where, and unfortunatly some of them are either charming or just so upfront that you get tricked into falsely trusting them.

As for no friends, go out talk to people, go online and meet people im sure theres enough people in a big city who must be boredlonely and want to meet other people.

you can only blame yourself for not going out and meeting people, you sound like youve just lost your confidence. Get it back and im sure everything will fall into place.


Thanks guys. The ironic thing is that she screamed that everyone in LA are assholes. Funny stuff as I look back. I wasn’t worry about getting killed that much. This was at 5pm. And the entire way was littered with people. I certainly wouldn’t do that if it was late and no one is out. But in Monterey park it’s packed with people at that time. But now you mentioned it, yeah I would be thankful that I didn’t get killed and buried at some shallow grave. Although I was thinking how to dispose 4 bodies at the time.


Sucks that that happened to you. I’ve had something similar happen, that is, I decided to help out a stranger, which later ended up costing me almost everything. One thing I learned form the experience, don’t help anyone. Most people will f*ck you over the first chance they get. I used to be the kind of person who would go out of his way to help out anyone who would ask for help. I’d give money to homeless people, give rides to strangers. Needless to say I see things a bit differently now.


Yeah, I tried that. Talking to people at work and school. But I guess I meet up with quality gems more often than people willing to talk to me. I’m friendly, I’m approachable, and I give respect to people I meet. But most of the time they shun me, or look at me like I’m odd for talking to them. Oh well, I guess. Keep trying.


Ok if thats true then LA sounds like a horrible place full of concieted assholes, you work with alot of people? or just on your own? as geting a “wingman” really does help for meeting the ladys :wink:


baaah888- I worked previously at Toys R Us. The people there don’t socialize with me. I go in, work, leave. I do the hellos and stuff. But nothing outside of the store itself is ever discussed. Now my current parttime job is working at a speedshop as a mechanic with a few guys that speak mostly Indonesian. They are probably a generation older than me (I’m 23), so I guess the wingman idea is out the window. I don’t really go to bars (I don’t really drink), or clubs. But it’ll be ackward to triffle in alone.

as a hopeless optimistic person, I believe that there are good people out there. But I meet them too far and few.


This is good for you. From this experience you have learned a lot about people and, as result, it will help strengthen your personal boundries. When I was in my earlier twenties, I moved out of state just for the hell of it. Wanderlust, I guess. Anyhow, I experienced similar incidents…some worse.

Just remember low-lifes construe “nice” as “weak” and will often take advantage of it. Don’t continue being a target. I’m not saying “stop being nice”, just be more selective. Anytime, when a stranger approaches you and ask for “something” the alarm should go off.

As a side note, no matter where I have lived, I always enrolled in a drawing class at the local city college. Besides the joy of sketching, one usually meets cool and interesting people in that environment.


You should join some art classes or start doing yoga or something to meet girls :slight_smile: And have more confidence in yourself - remember you’re a CGTalk member and that makes you better than the average joe :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your day. Hell-A sounds like a crappy place to live.


Im really sorry for the experience you had… I just can’t understand why people nowadays have such little respect for others. People like these girls you picked up, have yet to learn that, one day when they are really down on their luck and they need a helping hand, its going to be people like you who will now just ignore them.

I really hope that this negative experience wont harden your heart towards others… but I would totally understand and respect why if it did…


cityhunter, you need to go to bars, really really need to go to bars, might just be English culture talking here, but you meet 90% of the people in your life in bars and clubs. People go to bars to meet people, so they make themselves more aproachable.

As for people not socialising in work, I worked at a place like “toys r us” for work experience in highschool, just 2 weeks but it was a great laugh, everyone was friendly and because its a boreing job stacking shelves we all talked alot about stuff outside of work.

One place you can meet people potentially easilys is martial arts clubs, not dojos or anything, just like beginners class things, kick boxing clubs are often filled with hot women getting tned and learning self defence, :sound of men running to join kickboxing clubs: :slight_smile:


its horrible being lonely, and im glad that you came through that thing with those girls ok (as someone else said thank god they didnt do anything worse than nick your cd’s) forget about those people they are just skanks.

Take up boxing or Karate or Kung Fu or something do something that makes you feel like you’ve made an acheivement and your confidence will grow.

i like the idea of doing yoga to meet girls thats a good strategy.

Look at your life more like an exercise in socialising and having fun. Write down strategies to meet people and do more fun things. And then go out there and do them.

you know: this week im going to join the local art class. Go along and if its crap, leave and move onto your next strat. If its great then GREAT!

Good luck to you! And you’re not alone! You’ve always got us :thumbsup:


That’s a really shitty experience - sounds like a real army of skanks you had the misfortune of picking up. It makes me sick that we have to share society with such degenerate lowlifes.

Look on the bright side - next time you’ll hopefully be enlightened by this and will exercise a little more caution when agreeing to giving someone a lift (or better yet, totally refrain from doing so in the future - in the country where I live, giving someone a lift is suicidal, you JUST DON’T DO IT).

And seriously, don’t take to heart anything derogatory that these skanky twats said to you - why the hell should you give heed to any word that came from their dishonourable, thieving mouths? Forget every word they said, they’re not wasting energy on.


Leigh are you english?, i thought the term ‘skanky twats’ was only used in britain. And well said.


Hey city I can totally relate to your story. I had a friend who was telling me how great California is and how everyone on the right cost is so uptight and sux. Then I went and visited him and it turned out he loved california because more people really don’t give a crap about doing something with their lives and are willing to settle with just smoking pot and working dead end jobs. While I was there I found that when people found out I wasn’t a local it made me a loser. I planned on staying there for a month but I cut my vacation short after a week of hell. I was also dumb enough to give two guys a ride who would have really been screwed had I turned them down as it took around 30 minutes to get where they wanted me to take them. They took a bunch of skate parts I had in the back seat. They didn’t say thank you they just got out of the car and wandered off into the apt complex I dropped them off at. California is a beautiful place but I would never want to live there. I guess if you want sunshine, hot girls, and lots of assholes its okay, but I prefer my home here in Florida where we have sunshine hot girls and southern hospitality. If you get really tired of California you should give Florida a try, its great :P.

oh yeah btw I give lots of people lifts here in Florida and I havn’t been robbed or stabbed to death yet.


hehe bars here in the US and bars in England are totally different. People in england are alot more outgoing and people here in the good ole US are a bit more exclusive in who they talk to. Damn I want to go to newcastle though. Is it you guys who coined the term I am gonna walk the dog or something like that? Meaning going to the pub for a drink :stuck_out_tongue: