Thanks all, how do i view vertices in particle edit mode to hair along a line?


Thanks everyone for answering my previous question. I got another one tho. How to select vertex groups in particle edit mode. Is there a way to see the lines and vertices of a mesh while still in particle edit mode? or at least the mesh appears solid so i don’t have to relay on wire frame mode to see where to add hair articles? it would be nice to see a vertex group light up so i can simply add hair there? Anyone got any helpful answers? thank you for your time.


You wouldn’t be able to edit vertex groups in particle edit mode. You would have to switch to Weight paint mode to edit these groups.

Making use of Particle influences in your Properties panel under the Particle tab. You can switch these out if you want.

But to select vertex groups to edit them you go into the Data/ Object data panel. This also has a vertex group area.

There is a wire display that you can toggle. It’s in your Properties editor within the Object/Object panel under Display. “Toggle both Draw All Edges” and “Wire”.

You will be able to see every edge of that mesh at this point

I recommend setting up the hair particles first by emission number. Then block out the vertex group in the Particle’s Density Vertex group. You can still edit the vertex group in weightpaint mode while the hair is still visible. However, pay attention to the number of parents and/or children. It can bog down the system if you have too many of these in the viewport at the same time. You should be good until around 1-2million particles before you notice a difference. That depends on your system though.
Hopefully this helps! If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Thanks, It seems by your response there’s no way to see The selected face and vertices in mode 2 The same as in mode 1 because of the different modes that are active then . Is this right?