Texturing skin methods?


Sorry, kinda REALLY confused by some tutorials for skin texturing.

So I’m watching this tutorial and he appears to be using an alpha for just texturing (i.e. not in sculpting) whereas in another tutorial (this time for zbrush), he appears to deform the mesh itself?
Watching these two, I’ve become rather confused.

  1. In tutorial number 1, he creates the base texture before creating bump maps whereas in tutorial number 2, the details (bump etc) are created first before adding color. Is this correct?
  2. In tutorial number 2, I do not understand whether or not the base mesh is deformed by adding the details. If not, how does that work?
  3. Is there a way to convert alphas for zbrush sculpting for texturing in blender?

Sorry if the questions are kinda confusing. I’m rather new to texturing and bump maps.